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Why is State media giving 5-star coverage to Khupe faction?

06 Jul 2020 at 13:07hrs | Views
I HAD a discussion with a member of the Thokozani Khupe-led faction who was concerned that activists from the MDC Alliance accuse them of being Zanu-PF agents.

It is very unfortunate if people are wrongly accused, but it also reflects that across the country, people hate Zanu-PF and they do not react kindly to anything they identify with Zanu-PF which they suspect is a stumbling block for the removal of Zanu-PF from power.

The suspected association with Zanu-PF is sometimes self-inflicted. Take, for instance, the statement by Khupe following a visit to President Emmerson Mnangagwa's farm last December.

What do you think is the natural reaction of oppressed Zimbabweans? Oppressed Zimbabweans will call Khupe and those who associate with her Zanu-PF agents. She gave the evidence of her support for a man seen as an oppressor and that label will stick on her and all the people she works with forever.

That label Zanu-PF agent has also stuck on all people who have taken sides with Khupe, including those MDC Alliance officials who have joined her faction. That label by the angry people is the last nail in the political coffins of them all. Never underestimate the anger of the people.

Also, when you are in opposition and find yourself getting five-star coverage by the Statecontrolled media which is directly controlled by Zanu-PF, be at home with the fact that you are getting

Zanu-PF support — whether or not you are a Zanu-PF agent. Anything that gets Zanu-PF sympathy is seen as a Zanu-PF project by the people.

Just think about how Zanu-PF officials and government ministers publicly showed support for Khupe. So, politicians must really think about what the opposition supporters will think about them before they make decisions, if they still want to serve as political leaders.

And if you have been saying Mnangagwa stole the election and all of a sudden you come out of the Supreme Court and pronounce him President, people will think that you have become a Zanu-PF project, rightly or wrongly.

Source - newsday
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