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31 July a defining moment for Zimbabweans

08 Jul 2020 at 07:41hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is a like a soldier marking time and not going anywhere.

Our government has been so dysfunctional for a very long time, but the majority of the people feel in the air the winds of change blowing in from all four corners of the country.

The old Zanu PF models no longer serve their purpose and this is now the opportunity to unlock more diverse perspective and design new ideas of doing politics in Zimbabwe.

It is time to decolonise the system and arrest all forms of ineptude within the current leadership. The government is not working. The economy is not working and the citizens are suffering.

Zimbabwe has very deep wounds to heal and there is need to take a paradigm shift on the way the people will treat these wounds.

It is so painful that politically, socially and economically Zimbabwe is limping with toxic ideas and the people have vowed to confront this elephant in the room and deal with it once and for all.

The majority are just down trodden particularly the young people who have never seen what a pay slip looks like. Not all the people can be entrepreneurs or can create their own jobs without the government playing the major part.

The rate of unemployment is alarming. This is the right time for people who have suffered under the leadership of this regime to rally behind enterprising politician Jacob Ngarivhume who has set the pace and taken it upon himself to lead the struggle.

The joining of Nelson Chamisa of MDC-Alliance, Dr Noah Manyika from Build Zimbabwe and Nkosana Moyo of APA to join the masses is a welcome move.

The regime cannot stop an idea whose time has come. This is not to advance the ideals and goals of any political party but its for all concerned Zimbabweans.

The people are ready from 31st July 2020 to occupy the streets in all major cities and towns. Workers are planning to stop work except hospitals. Diaspora must also play a role and occupy embassies.

Zimbabweans have been so patient enough with the government but with no answers coming up. The country has been captured by a few individuals who have shared amongst themselves the country's resources whilst a few number of people wallow in poverty.

All around the world, eating together is a ritual that binds a family together. Greediness has divided the nation. Those who have and those who have not cannot see eye to eye.

In order for Zimbabwe to grow in each facet of the economy we need to adopt the spirit of eating together, a philosophy of Ubuntu, pool our resources and draw on our shared experiences to reach both our individual and collective dreams.

There is a lot of anger percolating in the country and this anger is real and must be calmed down.

I strongly believe that there are a lot of talented Zimbabweans who are not given the chance to exercise their God given talents just beacuse they do not belong to a certain political party.

We have talented engineering graduates, journalists ,civil engineers who are scattered all over the globe and serving other nations but they could not come home.

What they are aĺl crying for us to be be given the right tools to polish their works to a standard that does justice to their vision. The current government has been aborting so much talent due to politics of patronage.

The current government lacks the inclusiveness of other progressive ideas. It does not even attempt to engage the opposition and always suspect it as the greatest impediment to its policies.

Zimbabweans have been lied to and cannot further take these lies from the government anymore.

No one will take this Zanu PF leadership seriously which believed in Rotina Mavhunga's folk tale that pure diesel was oozing from Chinhoyi Caves.

People are still waiting for the government's promise that operations of oil discovered in Muzarabani would start by mid 2020.

Soon after the coup we saw the President breaking new grounds and signing new mega deals but not even one mega deal came into fruition but all what we witness is corruption throughout.

Let the 31st of July 2020 be the start of a journey and mark the beginning of peace and prosperity to progressive Zimbabweans. Together we can.


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