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Mnangagwa's promises fast losing steam

10 Jul 2020 at 07:00hrs | Views
IN the run-up to the 2018 polls, President Emmerson Mnangagwa made a plethora of promises which have not been fulfilled and he seems to have lost steam before his tenure has come to an end.

On his ascendancy to the Presidency, he was greeted with all the jubilation that Zimbabweans could muster.

Mnangagwa dubbed his administration the "New Dispensation", which promised a different trajectory from that of his former boss, the late Robert Mugabe.

Almost three years later since the November 2017 coup, the situation is now even worse than in the so called old dispensation. Mnangagwa's government is big on promises but mean on delivery.

Indeed, we saw big headlines in the State-controlled media and we had no reason not to believe the mega deals which he signed, but never saw the light of the day. Whether these were real or propaganda, only God knows.

But the administration is now running out of time. The legitimacy which the administration sought through an election was granted.

It's now time to resolve the country's economic woes. The lofty promises are fast proving to be hot air.

Even the most loyal supporters are now finding it very difficult to defend the new dispensation.

Faced with record hyperinflation, a worthless currency and fuel shortages exacerbated by the drought, the effects of the coronavirus and not least corruption, the new dispensation seems to be groping in the dark.

The so-called new dispensation is now engaging in blame games and no one is being spared.

But all this does not help fulfil the grant promises it made to the electorate and the day of reckoning is fast approaching.

Come 2023, the electorate will speak and they have no one to blame.

Source - newsday
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