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Time to redeem Zimbabwe from its political & economic strangulation

14 Jul 2020 at 07:53hrs | Views
The levels of failure by this Zanu PF regime has no comparison. The people have lost faith in the ruling party and whatever the party touches it slips like an eel, hence the majority can no longer trust it anymore.

It seems the struggle should be intensified It feels like the situation is now hopeless. We have hit rock bottom ages ago only to realize the bottom has a basement and now from the look of things, it seems the basement has a bottomless pit.

A lot of Zimbabweans are living outside the country not because they want to but are pretty surviving better than back home. Life is hard enough without electricity and water cuts, limited health and educational services as well as very little cultural activities.

Our health system is in a sorry state. Nurses and doctors are on strike and instead of the government to look at their plight, it is looking at reviewing the lockdown restrictions without solving the fundamental issues at hand. There is no doubt that we have crisis of ideas within the top echelon.

The smash and grab Zanu PF government is so primitive and cannot think ahead of time. The country's resources have  become a fair target for predatory elites to self-aggrandize, pilfer, sleaze and self enrich themselves on the expense of the suffering ordinary folks.

Whilst the South African government is recruiting more nurses and doctors, Zimbabwean government across the border is sending police officers to beat striking nurses who are demanding what is due for them. A tale of two different countries.

What the government is doing is "Management by fire fighting". There is no sense in suspending trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and banning trading in Old Mutual shares. Very poorly thought and ill advised decision.

It will negatively impact on Foreign Direct Investment and domestic investment too. Local companies are bound to struggle to access capital.

Mthuli's austerity measures are self inflicting. Instead of the country to start seeing some green shoots by now, Mthuli's introduced austerity measures have negatively affected the economy and produced nothing. The economy has deteriorated even further.

Life has become unbearable for many. We also continue seeing policy missteps and inconsistencies. They seem to love this business of recycling failed policies that were the hallmark of Gono-mics.

I am quietly hoping that Einstein is finally proven wrong by Mthuli.

Economists have said it time and time again that Zimbabwe's problems are not that complex to resolve. We know that the elephant in the room is our toxic and polarized politics which must be quickly fixed. We can't keep on running a country under propaganda.

We have a crisis of leadership. Corruption is a cancerous disease which has killed the nation but no one seems interested or have an idea how to deal with it. It's endemic across the whole fabric of society.

Kuda Tagwireyi is now the sole buyer of gold on behalf of Fidelity printers. Most mines in the country are now owned by senior politicians. How did we end up in this situation?

There appears to be no political will on the part of the major political players to resolve the political impasse. Winner takes all or politics of entitlement is not working. Zimbabwe is endowed with rich natural and human resources but we have become a basket case, a laughing stock of the rest of the world.

Another annoying thing is that we are all suspicious of each other. We like taking pot shots at one another. We all like to blame everyone else but ourselves. If you disagree with ZANU PF politics you are labelled a member of the opposition and a puppet of the West. ZANU PF seems to think that one cannot have his or her own mind if you disagree with ZANU PF.  On the other hand if you do not agree with opposition politics you are labelled a ZANU PF agent. You can't disagree with anything the opposition says unless you are a ZANU PF agent.

Our politics is rotten. Our political moral fabric is broken. Our society is shuttered and exhausted. The future is bleak with the current crop of politicians we have across the political divide. There is no collective national agenda on anything. Even removing Emmerson Mnangagwa is not going to resolve our national problems, not even Chamisa can be able to do it, someone is always going to sabotage his efforts.

The MDC Alliance looks like a clone of ZANU PF. The same applies to most, if not all opposition political parties in Zimbabwe. The leader is always right and not subject to interrogation. They are like demi Gods. What needs changing in Zimbabwe is the Zanufication of our body politic. If you examine the structures and operations of opposition parties you will be shocked or not shocked at how they mimic and resemble ZANU PF.

We have solution to our problems, firstly to sort out our political impasse. We don't need foreigners to do this. We don't even need to blame sanctions or some phantom enemy for not doing this.

Secondly we need to root out corruption at all levels of our society, starting at the top. There should be zero tolerance on corruption, like they do in China.

A fish stinks at the head and not at the fins. The public perception is that there is no seriousness and commitment in tackling corruption by the government. Catch and release and bring in new corrupt actors seems to be the well choreographed script on tackling corruption.

Corruption is a cancerous disease and costs lives. Corruption kills a nation. We do not have other choice but to fight this "pandemic" before it consumes us all.

Thirdly we need to reform our state institutions. We need strong, and not captured, state institutions. There does not appear to be separation of powers between the executive, legislature and the judiciary.

Fourthly justice must be seen, not heard, to be done always. There are grounds for some to argue that there is no rule of law in Zimbabwe, especially if you are not part of the ruling party or elites. There is selectively application of the law.

Lastly the government must learn to respect people's human rights and freedom of expression. These abductions and brutalisation of opposition parties and and civic society activists must just stop.

The way Patrick Chinamasa and Victor Matemadanda speak, one is left wondering whether Zimbabwe is now a one party totalitarian state.

No Zimbabwean is more important than the other. We have a collective responsibility to build our country, to hold our government and politicians to account. Its time we voted people into public office on merit and not on party allegiances. This is the time to stand up for what is right for us and for the future generations.

Wherever you are in the world, you have a role to play and bring the change which everyone is yearning for.

As long as one is a Zimbabwean  you are a stakeholder in the country's affairs. Evil will prevail because good men and women do nothing.


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