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MDC an opposition party or tool of the West?

15 Jul 2020 at 08:23hrs | Views
When a Republican Ronald Regan was still president of the United States back in 1986, his predecessor, then former president of the US, Jimmy Carter a Democrat visited Zimbabwe to meet local bankers to discuss a development project known as Global 2000.

At that time relations between Zimbabwe and the US were strained over Regan's administration's policy of constructive engagement with South Africa.

The then Minister of Youth David Karimanzira denounced US and British foreign policy, accusing Washington of indirectly supporting South African terrorism.

Though Carter was a Democrat, he did not take to well to his country and president being criticised in that light, despite the fact that Regan was a Republican.

They were on opposing side of the politics back home, but in foreign lands, they were all Americans with one foreign policy.

They could fight as much as they wanted; call each other names in their home turf, not in front of foreigners and enemies of their country alike. Before the world they held a united front.

One of the most studied political philosophers Jean Jacques of the 18th century said the main role of an opposition party is to question the government of the day and hold it accountable.

Not to promote other nations' interests at the expense of your own people and country. An opposition should never join forces with Imperialists to denigrate, vilify, destroy and cause suffering to their kind for the benefit of a foreign country.

Enter MDC Alliance opposition politics in the year 2000, and the meaning of opposition parties changed to mean 'enemy of the state'. The MDC-A is a weapon put together by the US to destroy Zanu-PF because it spearheaded the land reform program which gave land back to the black majority.

The land resettlement program saw a lot of white minority farms who owned huge tracts of land having to give up some of it or risk losing all. This became the bone of contention between the United Kingdom, the US and Zimbabwe and MDC-A became the weapon the USA and UK created to destroy Zimbabwe.

Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Chester Crocker, addressing the US Senate hearing on ZIDERA, (which for the record was advocated for by the late former leader of the MDC Morgan Tsvangirai and crafted by the current MDC-A co-vice president Tendai Biti and MDC-A treasurer David Coltart at the behest of the US to make Zimbabwe's economy scream), said "to separate Zimbabwean people from ZANU-PF, we are going to have to make their economy scream, and I hope you, senators, have the stomach for what you have to do".

The late Tsvangirai, Biti, Coltart and the current leader of the MDC-A indeed seem to have the stomach for it, because it is not easy to continue battering your own country and people and not flinch at the sight of women, children, people living with HIV and Aids being deprived of their right to health care, education and livelihood by a screaming economy.

The MDC-A is a merciless tool of the western imperialist who are on a revenge spree for their displaced former white farmers, one wonders why the MDC-A cannot use their heads and come back from the land of hypnosis and see the damage they have done to their own kind.

The role of opposition political parties is to hold government accountable as a watchdog ensuring it functions within the confines of the law, but the MDC-A has failed to do that, preferring instead to undermine institutions put in place for that purpose.

They have gone to Parliament where serious issues that pertain to governance are supposed to be discussed but they have undermined the August house preferring to use it as booing ground, a platform to put up a boycott show, nothing progressive really.

They have undermined the country's judiciary systems disregarding any ruling against them but celebrating those that are in the MDC-A favour. The opposition is supposed to serve as a credible alternative to the ruling government, but that is not the case as they have discredited themselves by choosing to be a rogue political party that supports the destruction of our country and people.

They are a bad example as they have only served to show the people of Zimbabwe that they have no regard for their party constitution, which means they can't be trusted with country's constitution.

They have disregarded and terrorised the State institutions such as the police, the Judiciary and the Legislature. They have thrown obscenities to the person of the president both at home and in foreign lands, refused to represent people's wishes in parliament, by constantly using the August house as a fighting arena with the executive.

MDC-A leader has failed to present a healthy alternative to the present ruling government as he has made sure that government efforts to resuscitate the economy failed. His famous "tozvidira jecha" (pouring sand in porridge) has been enough evidence that he enjoys to see his people suffering. He does not fight for the rights of his own people but rather he uses their pain to gain ascendency to the highest seat in the land. The US has created a dictator in Chamisa.

They want to shove him down our throats, so that while people are distracted, the US will have unlimited access to the country's wealth and will syphon it with wanton abandon. An opposition party should bring forth healthy competition between itself and the ruling government by promoting and structuring constructive debate in Parliament, which ensures better service delivery from the ruling government.

It should also be a training ground for future leaders, a situation that the MDC-A has failed to live up to, instead preferring to breed the likes of malicious, war hungry, insurgent rebels in the make of Jim Kunaka, who have gone to terrorise citizens in and around the Harare central business district.

It's a training ground for hooligans, looters, activists, anarchists and saboteurs. The MDC is not fit to be called a political party, but a tool of the west to enforce their regime change agenda at whatever cost and whichever devil they use to achieve it.

Source - the herald
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