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#July31 and #Zanupfmustgo: Another failed political heist in the making

20 Jul 2020 at 13:59hrs | Views
The 31st July movement which is being propelled mainly by Jonathan Moyo and his G40 associates is another failed political heist in the making, after all else has failed to unseat, a duly elected government. There is gross manipulation of public opinion through channels of mass communication like social media to sell the "protests" mantra to an indifferent Zimbabwean populace. The MDC which has been angling to lead a purported "spontaneous" uprising has this time been spurred into action by Government's stance to dismantle corruption rings and rackets within the housing industry. Land barons and corrupt municipal officials were parceling out land with impunity to desperate home seekers.  Remember, most of the urban councils are MDC-run, and that meant when Government declared war on these corrupt officials, it touched on a nerve, the liquidity of the MDC constituency. Inversely, it's no coincidence that the 31st protests are being spurred on by purported corruption by government officials.

The 31st protest initiative was among other things meant to intimidate the Government into abandoning the investigations and focus on civil disobedience promised to be perpetrated on that day. On their part, the MDC Alliance, needed time to raise funds for legal representation of Tendai Biti and Job "Wiwa" Sikhala over the disappearance of MDC Assets to the tune of USD5Million, which they took during their split with the late Morgan Tsvangirai and, Nelson Chamisa and Charlton Hwende who swindled MDC Alliance of USD2 Million.  It should be noted that MDC Alliance has been relying on funds from its parliamentarians and councillors to remain afloat. The MDC Alliance leadership itself has had its hands in the cook jar that is illegal sale on land in most Councils under its purview. That said, the major question is that; who created the so-called land barons? Going down the memory lane, during the Ignatius Chombo and Saviour Kasukuwere era as Ministers of Local Government, a lot of underhand shenanigans took place in the national housing delivery scheme. Meaning that the investigations which the Government intends to carry out would implicate the G40 duo and they stand to lose more than anyone else. It's no wonder the MDC and G40 are colluding on the issue and Jacob Ngarivhume, is just a front pawn in a bigger game.

Protesting for corruption within government, which the government is addressing anywhere is hiding behind a finger by the organizers. We have the whole presidium of the opposition MDC Alliance under probe by their own parties and ZACC over fraud, corruption and other charges in one hand, and a bunch of political renegades who are also under probe and with even more heinous charges about to blow on their faces on the other hand. What stops both sides to colluding against the Government? An enemy of an enemy is a friend. Two enemies colluding against the Government in order for both sides to hide from the law, while in the process gain free political capital.

That said, the G40 loaned its political capital to the MDC Alliance for use on the 31st and this is a technique called crowd renting in politics. The MDCs are too divided to pull off a demo together, without killing each other and of the magnitude intended, so a neutral element is needed which is the G40 constituency, hence the rise of the vocal Godfrey Tsenengamu who is just another proxy of Kasukuwere, Shadreck Mashayamombe and other wolves from the former ZANU PF members. MDC Alliance has always gotten its relevance from being violent and through orchestrating these high school-kind demos. Jonathan Moyo has always been the money man for the G40, so in this case he is the link between the Western embassies and the G40 crowd. He disburses money and spin weaponised propaganda on behalf of the G40, which currently has rented its political influence to MDC Alliance, but keep it in check through the Tsenengamu Movement whatever that is.
The 31st July has been attached to the zanupfmustgo hashtag, which was another movement propelled directly by the western embassies in particular the US embassy. The US Senate lately grew fatigue of pursuing the REGIME CHANGE AGENDA IN ZIMBABWE, and sanctions have not worked to expectations considering their failure in the past twenty years. To that end, the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian A. Nichols AKA Uncle Nic has been under pressure from his bosses back home to find other means to deliver the desired REGIME CHANGE. That pressure has propelled Nichols to run himself to the ground, even assuming the role of MDC activist contrary to diplomatic etiquette. Other EU partners are gradually bailing out and abandoning the American aggression in pursuing its foreign policy, which they won't benefit from. The EU and Britain have noted with concern the nature in which Nichols is commandeering and weaponising the diplomatic system in Zimbabwe and recommended the abandonment of the REGIME CHANGE AGENDA IN ZIMBABWE all together.

It a known fact that American Ambassadors who were sent to Zimbabwe for one thing and one thing only; REGIME CHANGE AGENDA and MDC was the willing pawn, in a game they did not even comprehend. In response, the Revolutionary Party ZANU PF has always sustained the injuries through pursuance of its core Revolutionary Principles. It has always been noted that Party principles are by nature non negotiable, the Party is bigger than any one man.

Nichols with a fat budget aimed at pursuing the REGIME CHANGE AGENDA, has gone beyond his predecessors.  He started weaponising the unsuspecting health practitioners. The civic society responded by mobilizing everyone who wanted free US Dollars from father Christmas at number 2 Lorraine Drive, Bluffhill. Nichols has a big budget to offload, while the opposition activists are hungry for the US Dollars, a recipe for political shenanigans as those planned for July 31. After fake abductions failed to yield the desired result, Nichols is now using direct methods in the form of protests.

This is after revelations that Magombeyi was hidden in the American Embassy for days and the embassies made lots of noise over the issue, to the extent that the Western Embassies became a mouth piece of MDC Alliance. Surprisingly, when the state committed resources into investigating his case, first thing he was awarded a US VISA and flew out God knows to where. Joana Mamombe and cabal were given lots of money by Uncle Nic in Bluffhill and she squandered the money before the operation. When the time came, she was found wanting of characters to use for the Warren Park demo.

The Warren Park demo went un-noticed by residents when it took place and Joana to save face had to pay one guy Jeremiah Bhamu to mobilize a few youths. Jeremiah, then borrowed the youths from other neighborhoods and staged a FAKE demo and when this again failed, Mamombe and crew were later abducted by Vanguard, this time choreographed to mimic the movie style abductions, but in reality the script wasn't followed because the girls had already pocketed the money. After all is said and done, Mamombe and crew pocketed lots of US Dollars, a free pass to the US in exchange for the drama which they pulled off and really failed to make the desired impact. That is where the jovial boys from G40 come in to beef up the tactically weak and uneducated Vanguard.

So the 31st and zanupfmustgo hashtag is yet another political heist among many, designed to siphon more money from the gullible Uncle Nic. Whilst, these activists will walk away smiling all the way to the bank with loads of cash from the US embassy, the protests will be another failure that won't yield the desired result, of regime change.

Watch out for chapter two. The MDC Fall out.

Source - Zvinyaningwe Mangwiro
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