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Exposure of corruption by Dr Alex Magaisa justifies Mthwakazi restoration

20 Jul 2020 at 18:23hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party MRP which happens to be my party of choice has once again been vindicated by Dr Alex T Magaisa's list of corrupt elites and the Political Exposed Persons "PEPs" as he calls them in his widely read weekly publications popularly known as The Big Saturday Read "BSR".

I am an ardent reader and fan of the BSR, mostly because of it's simplicity in language used and most importantly for getting a fairly balanced information on the Zimbabwean state of affairs. Zimbabwean government is run in secrecy since 1980 and the information which should be ordinarily available to the public is difficult to get.

The fact that the state media largely dominate the space and is largely used as a ZANU PF mouthpiece, means that you hardly get correct information, corruption is a closely guarded secret. The exposure of the list of beneficiaries of the RBZ Farm Mechanization in 2007/8 is good for Matabeleland people to understand the issue we are dealing with as well as the international community to understand our plight as a marginalized people. For this we say thank you to Dr Alex T Magaisa

We have always argued that as the people of Matabeleland we are starved of everything and this is done deliberately by the Shona elites on the benevolence of their majority tribe. Everyone who is familiar with how the Zimbabwean state is run will agree with me that the ZANU PF system of governance was designed to disempower our people, marginalize them at waste eliminate them completely as proved by the objective of the 1983 to 87 state sponsored genocide against innocent and helpless people of Matabeleland.

The same way the list of beneficiaries is dominated by Shona people is the same way across, most of students from Matabeleland hardly benefits from government and the so called presidential scholarships, employment opportunities in either government or private sector are hardly given to anyone from Matabeleland except for a few bootlickers and enablers of the system. Government tenders, and freebies are a preserve of Shona people Even the bank loans are only given to Mashonaland people, during the government of national unity between the period 2009 to 13 the government released funds through the then Minister of Youth empowerment, indiginisation Mr Saviour Kasukuwere which were meant for youths across the country, but only youths and senior citizens from Mashonaland benefited, at first they used to publish the names and only stopped it when we protested after at the time 250 people had benefited and only one from Matabeleland was in the list. I had personally applied for that loan as part of proving then that it was a myth that we don't participate in these schemes hence we don't benefit. The cabs bank that was handling the funds called to inform me that I was shortlisted and they came to my project were satisfied told me later that out of the US$5000 I had applied for, they had decided to loan me US$1 800 and they told me to give them the bank accounts details of my suppliers for row materials because the facility didn't allow disbursement of cash to beneficiaries, to date that money never came and I didn't benefit. Needless to state that the beneficiaries never paid back the money it was a ZANU PF campaign tool, just like the land reform programme the beneficiaries wouldn't dare vote anyone else besides ZANU PF.

So this is not new, from all the scandals since 1980 there is a deliberate design by the Shona people to empower each other and they always make it difficult, in fact near impossible for none Shona and none ZANU PF members and PEPs to get anything. The Farm Mechanization Scheme beneficiaries were mostly from Mashonaland even within the list of Matabeleland beneficiaries the majority are Shona people.

According to Dr Magaisa's BSR publication Mashonaland East got US$47,5 million, Mashonaland West US$44,7 million, and Mashonaland Central had US34,2 million. While the two Matabeleland provinces had a combined total of US$13,9 million. Masvingo had US$26,4 million, Manyicaland US$18 million and Midlands had US$14 million. It should be emphasized that even with that paltry amount it was not only Matabeleland people who benefited from it, the majority are from Mashonaland.

The current command agriculture input scheme is also another way of looting and no one is going to protect the poor. How will there be justice when the presidium, cabinet, the judiciary, army, police and senior civil servants are beneficiaries including some commissioners as Magaisa rightly stated it. We have a problem as the people of Matabeleland because we have no one to report to, we are on our own. Government tenders are a preserve of Shona people. The recent affidavit filed by Chihuri actually cemented the notion that Ndebele people are second class citizens in this country.

This is more reason why we need self-determination. The time for Mthwakazi Restoration is now, we have been taken for granted for far too long.

The so called New dispensation is only good at stealing, looting and changing street names.

Meanwhile If the Matebeland leadership remain divided our position will always be the second class citizenry. I believe we have to first attend to  the problems that confront us as a region before we make any attempts to solve national problems in the context of Zimbabwe. A divided Mthwakazi will always be an easy target for exploitation.

*Lets take Stock*

From 1980 Mthwakazi has never enjoyed the fruits of independence, economic and social progress. Our story is that of lamentation, misery and endless toil. From 1980 ZANU PF in order to consolidate political power instituted politics of tribalism which benefitted people of the shona tribe and this provided a platform for marginalisation, nepotism  and corruption. The people of Matebeleland and Some parts of Mindlands were systematically excluded from opportunities in Education, employment , business etc. Until today this remains the case. These are things we must not ignore. These are the things we must unite to solve first and to solve this we need political power.


-The majority of teachers in Mthwakazi are predominantly shona people.

-The majority of Immigration and Customs workers in Mthwakazi are predominantly Shona.

-The majority of Police officers in Mthwakazi are predominantly Shona.

- The majority of working people in Matebeleland are predominantly Shona.

-The majority of civil servants in Matabeleland are Shona, this is done against our will.

Since 1980 the people of Mthwakazi have been denied opportunities in their land. Now if questions are raised about this, those who have benefited from this are quick to dismisss the victims as tribalist. Any form of unity that ignores these glaring facts will not work. Nkomo tried it and it never worked because it was a unity purchased over the sacrifice of our liberties.

The best option is for Mthwakazi people to unite to defend their regional interest any unity with  Mashonaland must be solely based on the devolution of power, which is our short term plan, MDC or ZANU PF they don't offer any solutions for the people of Mthwakazi.

Focus and Diplomacy is key.

As Matabeleland people there is nothing that stops us from separating our problems according to their impact on us. For example number one problem should be ZANU PF, then nepotism, tribalism, MDC etc. This will help us in dealing with the so called National issues.

We have our short, medium and long term plan, this is an acknowledgement that Mthwakazi Restoration won't be an overnight event. The problem that makes us to sometimes lose focus is the assumption that everyone agrees that we have no life until Mthwakazi is restored, and the belief that it is going to be easy to achieve it. It is only a few who believe in that only Restoration is the answer yet we need to accommodate everyone

I understand where everyone is coming from though I think we need to take it step by step.

Conclusion: Majority of our people believe that the major problem is Zanu pf I think so too. The moment we come out there denouncing those who oppose zanu pf we become suspects even though we have good intentions. Otherwise participating in elections is no different from demanding accountability from ZANU PF, we need to understand that it's part of the short and medium plan.

Devolution of power should be part of the plan and our information department should lead in teaching the public about these issues. Not just waiting to react

Nothing for us without us

Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo is a member of MRP writing in his personal capacity.

Source - Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo
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