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America wants Biti, Sikhala to remove Chamisa?

25 Jul 2020 at 10:30hrs | Views
Ever wondered why Nelson Chamisa chose to hand over reigns to the insipid WELSHMAN NCUBE as he grieved over loss of his dear mother? Or why the WELSH man got mired in TRUST FUNDS controversy soon after that appointment?? Unfortunately our media are not always adept of showing us the world in a grain of sand!!!

Here we go: The US Embassy in Harare whose govt has always rooted for Tendai Biti as safe bet for American interests here, had hoped to use Ngarivhume and his pseudo-leadership of July 31 disturbances to re-launch Tendai Biti as the new leader of MDC-Alliance, with the impulsive Jobho Sikhala as the TONG for handling hot pieces. Both men are America's centurions, Biti designated to play the Philosopher-King, while Sikhala is the Hotspur of the equation.

The choice of Ngarivhume - another of America's men whose roots are in Chipinge - was the right face for that operation which would have consigned Nelson Chamisa to the dustbin. Previous to Ngarivhume, Americans had hoped for the Malawian cleric, Shingi Munyeza, who was later dropped for being inorganic and tainted after hopes of washing him clean by goading ED to fire him from PAC failed. The key calculation was to ensure that the well-healed insurrection be led by a political nearly-man who would not prove a runaway, thus securing Tendai Biti's take-over. Nelson Chamisa got wind of it, forcing him to counter that by appointing the man from Wales, while dodging brickbats of violent demonstrations under the plausible cover of "in mourning".

The young man doesn't want risks, which is what riles Americans whose wish is confrontational politics in Zimbabwe. Soon after, and to checkmate this counter, the Biti group used a wing of G-40 hoping to stop the man from Wales in his tracks!! Unfortunately both sides misread the macroenvironment, and scenario-build on a hesitant State. How wrong!!! It's now back to drawing board, banking on international pressure and nursing of different projects of inspiring opposition and dissent, a fraction of which has been subcontracted to Dumisani Muleya and his Beverley Court project which will not take off zvayo!!!

I should have revealed the bristling tensions within the opposition camp, accentuated by Shingi Munyeza and his make-belief Transitional Mechanism which he wanted powered by technocrats, to the chagrin of both Nelson Chamisa whose Mandaza-inspired NTA is a variant of parties- and .politicians-led GNU, and the American/Biti model whose successor structure remains inchoate, unlike its clear #ZanupfMustGo end-state. In the wake of Munyeza's pulpit vituperations, a concerned Chamisa reached Ibbo Mandaza to understand what Munyeza was up to. Mandaza described and dismissed Munyeza is irreverent terms, which is how the small, dull sun set on the small, failed pseudo-cleric. That trimmed the fight to the Chamisa/Biti dialectic whose writhing throes we witness now, but fated to end shortly. Zviri kuzipa izvi.  

In the intervening weeks, we will see efforts to rubbish ED as a reformer and Zimbabwe as an investment destination. It won't matter though. The die is cast and Zimbabwe no longer relies on Western capital alone to take off. It looks inward for capital formation, aided by the rest of the willing world!! The pleasures of a multipolar world. In the meantime, Zimbabwe must ensure Covid-19 is kept undertow, ensure discipline in the market and, stop misperceptions of looming instability to create an environment safe for her recovery and inevitable take-off.

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