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'America riles confrontational politics in Zimbabwe,' says Charamba - how so, by insisting on free elections

25 Jul 2020 at 22:40hrs | Views
Zimbabweans have a knack for blaming everyone else but themselves for their problems, trials and tribulations.

"The US Embassy in Harare whose govt has always rooted for Tendai Biti as safe bet for American interests here, had hoped to use Ngarivhume and his pseudo-leadership of July 31 disturbances to re-launch Tendai Biti as the new leader of MDC-Alliance, with the impulsive Jobho Sikhala as the TONG for handling hot pieces. Both men are America's centurions, Biti designated to play the Philosopher-King, while Sikhala is the Hotspur of the equation," reported Bulawayo24, quoting George Charamba.

"The choice of Ngarivhume - another of America's men whose roots are in Chipinge - was the right face for that operation which would have consigned Nelson Chamisa to the dustbin. Previous to Ngarivhume, Americans had hoped for the Malawian cleric, Shingi Munyeza, who was later dropped for being inorganic and tainted after hopes of washing him clean by goading ED to fire him from PAC failed."

This is just nonsense and the suggestion that the Americans are behind all this makes it all idiotic nonsense. The Americans, the EU and the west in general have rooted for the implementation of the democratic reforms to ensure the July 2018 elections were free, fair and credible. Of course, they were disappointed that Zanu PF failed to implement any reforms and dismissed the whole election as a farce.

The west was disgusted by the sheer naivety of Zimbabwe's opposition camp, not even one of them had the common sense to demand even something as basic for democratic elections as a verified voters' roll.

Everyone knows the principle reason the MDC leaders and the rest of the crowded opposition camp have continued to participate in elections even when it was clear Zanu PF was rigging the elections, was greed. Ever since the 2008 GNU Zanu PF has seen to it that it allowed the opposition to win a few gravy-train seats, bait which that latter has found totally irresistible. Still, there are some things a human being is expected to resist and not follow one's primeval instinct like a mouse enticed into a trap by the smell of peanut butter!

By failing to implement the reforms even when they had the golden opportunity to do so during the 2008 GNU and then participating in flawed elections again and again thereafter MDC leaders have shown they have no common sense.

Having participated in the flawed and illegal July 2018 elections all the opposition parties and candidates have since endorsed the rigged July 2018 elections as free and fair, contrary to the damning reports from the west. All except Nelson Chamisa who has elected to challenge Mnangagwa's electoral victory not on the basis of something as substantive as the failure to produce a verified voters' roll. How could he; since he knew the was no verified voters' roll and decided to participate regardless.

Chamisa challenge Mnangagwa's victory on the grounds ZEC failed to produce all the V11 forms, summary of all the votes tally at each Polling Station. ZEC only produced 10 987 V11 forms, 10% were missing. Some western observers reported of ZEC officials, with no other witnesses, completing V11 forms 24 hours after this was supposed to be done and dusted.

Chamisa not only wanted the Constitutional Court to dismiss Mnangagwa as the dully elected but declare him as the winner. He claimed to have polled 2.6 million vote which is more that ZEC's 2.4 million votes for Mnangagwa. Needless to say; Chamisa too failed to produce the V11 forms to support his claim.

The very fact that Chamisa and his fellow MDC Alliance leaders like Tendai Biti, David Coltart, Welshman Ncube, etc. expect anyone including the west to endorse Chamisa's claim as the winner goes to show just how naïve and stupid the MDC leaders are. Who in their right mind would ever want to be involves with such naïve and stupid with a knack to shoot from the hip, hence the reason they have failed to achieve anything of substance in all MDC's 20 years in politics.

The way out of Zimbabwe's economic and political crisis, which has dogged this nation for the last 40 years, is for the country to the hold of free, fair and credible election. This is obvious to everyone with common sense and it is therefore no surprise that the Americans have been arguing the implementation of the reforms to ensure free and fair elections. To therefore suggest that the Americans are behind the chaos and stupidity of MDC politics is laughable!

"The young man (Chamisa) doesn't want risks, which is what riles Americans whose wish is confrontational politics in Zimbabwe," maintains Charamba. Why then did the Americans want the reforms implemented before the elections, if they wanted confrontation politics?

After 40 years of blundering from pillar to post, Zimbabweans must now carefully reflect on what next because this disastrous path of thoughtless folly and greed has dragged us deeper and deeper into this hell-on-earth we now find ourselves stuck in. The longer we have stayed, the deeper we have sunk and the harder it has become to escape. If this Zanu PF and MDC chaos and madness are allowed to continue unchecked, this nation will be pushed beyond the point of no return, if it has not gone past already!

We have allowed Zanu PF and MDC chaos and madness to rule the roost for 40 years. The responsibility to ensure we have free, fair and credible elections is our responsibility and we have failed no one else but ourselves in this!

Source - Patrick Guramatunhu
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