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July 31st: The Strategy

27 Jul 2020 at 20:12hrs | Views
The opposition parties in Zimbabwe are pathetic at best - they lack imagination to achieve anything of worth for the country. July 31, 2020 protests are a case in point - I am sorry to say but the opposition has been exposed in a big way - zero strategy and this has compromised the lives of activists and slowed the march to freedom by decades.

The strategy to fight vices like corruption, political intolerance, election fraud must be in place at least six months before an announcement is made. The strategy must be well thought and secretive to counter the current regime's antics and the message itself must be carefully crafted in such a way that it does not play into the hands of a paranoid despot as already is happening.

Second, the message of protest must be clean and unadulterated. It must never be allowed to be contaminated or polluted with politics, religion, or elitism. For far too long and far too often, the cause of freedom has been hijacked by certain groups to advance their own agenda. The message should never be allowed to be mixed up with politics and must never show intolerance of other people's human rights. Politics is not an issue that will unite anyone, nor will it solve corruption in the country. The political affiliation of the protesters is not relevant.

The message of protest must be culturally anchored and relevant so that it does not appear to be borrowed. Using elements of the country's own cultural history or constitution is helpful. In Philippines the people sang "Bayan Ko" (My Homeland), which became a patriotic anthem of the opposition in 1983.

We need to be imaginative and think about how our tradition checks despotic tendencies? How bad chiefs and kings were removed from office ‘let us think'; and let us use relating stories of indigenous kingdoms such as the Rozwi Empire, strong characters like Nkozikazi Lozikeyi, etc. The despot's name must never be mentioned but the inference that his rule is "un-African" and therefore illegitimate.

Third, the message must be purposeful and have an objective. A message that simply insults the president or his party won't achieve anything.

Source - Sam Wezhira
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