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Chamisa's MDC, an American Trojan horse

02 Aug 2020 at 09:11hrs | Views
It's categorically correct to say the MDC-Alliance, which has assumed many appellations over the year is not a political party, but a representative of the United States and its Western allies.

It's an organisation that the West hastily put together to retaliate against the ruling Government, following the seizure of vast tracts of arable and ranching land from the white minority farmers and distributing it out to the black majority. This was an overdue exercise, which was one of the major contentions that sent the freedom fighters on the collision course with the Ian Smith regime, until they brought freedom back in 1980. Zimbabwe only had one true opposition political party in its time and that was-PF-Zapu under the wise leadership of the late Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo.

The formation and existence of-PF-Zapu was not for financial gain, but was to question the government of the day and also to hold the Government accountable for their actions, as what political parties are meant to do the world over.-PF-Zapu was fully indoctrinated with the ideologies that were taught during the struggle, ideologies that were rooted and grounded in the sacredness of our people, the land and its resources. The ideology took into account our culture as a Zimbabwean people, our norms and values, which valued the sanctity of life and patriotism, putting our people and nation first.

PF-Zapu was not formed, driven and directed by an external force, it was a wholly Zimbabwean political party representing the wishes of the people. Outside voices did not interfere in the 1987 negotiations that led to the Unity Accord between Zanu-PF and-PF-Zapu. It was an internal situation that required internal solutions and to this day the two political parties are united under one name, serving the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe.

The political landscape is different now, much to the detriment of the country and its people. Zimbabwe does not have an opposition political party, but it has activist groups, formed and brought together because of the love for money and self-enrichment. The formation of these so-called "opposition political parties" will reveal that it was an opportune situation that presented itself and greedy people grabbed it so as to make a quick buck and the will of the people and patriotism were the last thing on their minds.

Zanu-PF embarked on its Land Reform Programme, 10 years later than the agreed time in the Lancaster House Agreement, which had negotiated for a 10-year grace period for the white commercial farmers from 1980 to 1990, to continue with their farming. When Zimbabwe got to 1990, the UK and USA reneged on the Agreement, a situation which took Zanu-PF a further 10 years re-negotiating for the land ownership. When the negotiations hit a brick wall, Zanu-PF went ahead to acquire the farms and started the land reform and redistribution exercise/programme.

That irked the Western allies who decided to seek redress of what they termed an unfair treatment of the former white farmers, so under the leadership of the USA they set out to create a hotchpotch organisation of different groupings to rise and destabilise Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) became their fishing ground inspired by the crowds they commanded during the 1999 bread price strike, which almost brought the country to a halt. That was indeed the influence they were looking for in order to create and fuel civil disobedience.

The US approached the then Secretary-General of the ZCTU, the late Morgan Tsvangirai, Student Union activists from universities and colleges and brought them together for purposes of removing a Zanu-PF Government from power. So, to say MDC-A is an opposition party is wrong, it is a creation of the West to advance their own ends and their shenanigans over the years have proved that fact beyond reasonable doubt.

This is why the MDC-A would never be able to raise its own ideas, because it is told what to do, when, how, and to who, it can never be allowed to think independently. An example that is vivid in the minds of everyone, would be during the 2007 and 2008 negotiations for Government of National Unit (GNU), Tsvangirai would constantly excuse himself to go and confirm with his handlers, how to respond to Zanu-PF demands or suggestions.

He was never allowed to have his own ideas, except to spend the American dollars that were constantly being filled in his pockets. The money blinded him completely, that Zimbabwean interests became secondary to the achievement of the master's goal; regime change. Same thing is at play today with the young and immature young man, Nelson Chamisa, who for the love of money has splintered that opposition into little pieces, so that he can be at the realm of the MDC-A. Having usurped power unconstitutionally, his greed even sent him to direct a hit on Thokozani Khupe who was then a co-vice president in the MDCA, almost burning her alive in a hut in Buhera during Tsvangirai's burial.

The Americans have become impatient with Zimbabweans who have shown that they are resilient and can never be swayed by the economic hardships that have endured due to sanctions. The people have remained committed to Zanu-PF because of its people-oriented politics. The US and its allies have put pressure on Chamisa to destabilise and cause civil unrest in Zimbabwe or they find someone else more aggressive in the make of Job "Wiwa" Sikhala, Tendai Biti and in this case, Jacob Ngarivhume, to ignite a fire that will give the Americans an excuse to intervene and cause chaos in our peaceful nation.

The #31July2020 call for a demonstration by inconsequential, Ngarivhume was just but a ruse meant to usher the US and their allies into the Zimbabwean situation. The MDC-A is not a political party that represents the people in any position. It has failed to represent its constituencies in the August House due to calls by Chamisa to boycott the sessions, it has failed to stand with the Government during people's hardships case in point, Cyclone Idai in Manicaland, cholera in Harare and now Covid-19 in the whole of Zimbabwe.

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