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Zim signs US$3.5bn White Settler Farmer Deal! Betrayal of Chimurenga!

06 Aug 2020 at 07:49hrs | Views
White Colonial Settlers are going to be compensated by Zimbabweans for land developments they made on the land prior to Land reform exercise. Poor peasants with no land rights to their own pieces of land in the rural areas and equally poor urban dwellers without a 300sqm stand to build a cabin will be paying a whooping US$3.5bn to the colonial land beneficiaries. I thought this day will never come but when you desperately need Whiteman's money, anything is possible. Constitution and property rights my foot! When we say it that lndependence in Zimbabwe and Africa is fake, we sound outrageous but we are not! The White Colonial Systems never left and we are happy slaves.

White people took our forefathers land brutally, stole their livestock and displaced them to inhabitable over-populated reserves such as Gokwe, Buhera, Chirimhanzu and Gutu. They took the fertile land for themselves depriving our people of good harvests and healthy livestock's. This stolen land is what became White owned farms. This is the land that we are going to pay US$3.5bn for developments made on the land and what is being forgotten is that produce from that same land paid for these developments. What's not being said is that this land was brutally and illegally stolen from our ancestors in the first place thus we are 'dealing' to pay for improvements on stolen property. Instead, those who stole the land must compensate us for loss of land use. Is common sense not common? Do we not know what the colonizers did to us? Is your ancestor not you? We are so disconnected from our past hence don't have no feelings and sense of ownership. I for one have heard that my ancestors owned vast lands that include Meikles Farm in Manicaland 'kwamikiri"  and where displaced by the Meikles family. How much money have the Meikles family made from that land? How much gold have they been extracting for generations from that land? Today you want to compensate them for developments made on my ancestral lands.. Pheew!! Must the Meikles family not be paying reparations to my family for stealing our land, making profits from it and taking our minerals? What would be Mbuya Nehandas decision on this compensation nonsense? Did our ancestors not have rights? Why did we  risk peoples lives with a war yet we could have just raised US$3.5bn as we are dealing to do now instead of going to war? Lives were lost, families destroyed because of the liberation war whose centre pivot was to get back our land. Have we forgotten? Or are we simply selling out? To satisfy whose rights? What Constitution? So we never saw the interest of EU in the whole Constitution making process? Are we truly this blind maCdes?

Ok, with this economic situation our country finds itself in and lest we forget, because of taking back our land we were on Economic Sanctions. We were punished for making right Colonial injustices and their sanctions have sunk our Economy. Wait a minute, with the ordinary person living on less than US$1 a day.. Where does our government failing to feed its people get US$3.5bn to pay settler farmers? We cannot raise money for the welfare of our people but can raise US$3.5bn to pay wealthy whites who made fortunes from farming. Can Mthuli the Minister of Finance educated by the lmperialist explain how and from where he will raise US$3.5billion? We want to know and have a right to that information.

Who is offering our government loans to pay these farmers? Is it SADC or AU or the international Financers' giving us a loan to pay their kith and kin? The same lnstitutions who blacklisted us for failing to pay other debts?  If you don't smell a rat then you have polyps thus no sense of smell. This is a Stinking Fraud and l stand tall on my ancestors and Murengas shoulders shouting  for all to hear, "This is Fraud!" This is against Chimurenga! This is selling out the souls lost in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Chimurenga calling for a 4th Chimurenga. We don't owe White Settlers a dime they owe us. We don't have a cent to pay them.

President ED Mnangagwa and your leadership, yes you are upholding the dictates of our Constitution in this deal/fraud but; you are betraying our ancestors, betraying your fellow Cdes who died fighting for this land, betraying Mbuya Nehanda whose statue you have wisely thought of erecting. You are indicating right but turning left. You have a whole nation hungry after sanctions and Covid19 that is looking up to you for food and reasonable health facilities. Cdes, l will say this "You are selling out to the Colonisers". For what after all this suffering? This is no Deal but a US$3.5million Fraud. Nyathi is envying this monumental betrayal of the Struggle. This land issue must go back to the people who are said to have voted "Yes" to its entirety and biting us today. Laws are made by the people for the people and we have a right to make amends to errors by commission or omission to suit our National interests. Right or wrong is not subjective to votes.  We are not Zimbabweans by choice or vote and we cannot standby and watch as we make these 'deals' to appease Cecil John Rhodes and the Pioneer Column descendants. We the descendants of Murenga are clear, stop ‚úč this now..

Ms Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe

Zimbabwe Activists Alliance Coordinator (Writing in my personal ancestral capacity)

Source - Ms Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe
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