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Darkest force in Zimbabwe

07 Aug 2020 at 05:52hrs | Views
The strength that awakens the oppressed is stronger and unstoppable. The oppressed people of Zimbabwe are waking up. Amid all this the prince of demons dare to say we are the dark force when we call upon his government to hear our needs, put a stop to corruption and end the suffering. The audacity of one who oversaw the Gukurahundi atrocities, murambatsvina, fulfilling bhora musango and murdering hundreds of opposition supporters during 2008 presidential election. One wonders who the dark force really is in our beloved nation?

Now that the people are waking up and have seen who the dark force really is - a scared man who drinks our freedom, spits on our fallen heroes and heroines, enjoys the fruits of our sweat, kills our human rights by day. He is so afraid of walking without his security in the public platforms and of late with additional gloves even when he is delivering his nation address, the next will be a face cover. He is insecure, incompetent and incapable of choosing right people to move country forward. He militarizes everything and everywhere- we are literally at war with our freedom being degraded every minute. Our human rights are not for discussion they are a MUST at all cost #ZimbabweLivesMatter.

The dark force of our time is the continued abductions and torture of truth tellers and opponents or rather people with a different view or opinion than Zanu PF cadres. The dark force is the rise of the Mugabe's disciple becoming the ‘prince' and overzealous tactician in the world of cruelty. The dark force is the continued reminder of the Zimbabweans who the devil in charge is and that he does not hesitate to unleash weapons at his disposal to kill freedom and peace in each one of us. The dark force embodies the dictator not just in Zimbabwe and Africa but across the board, the likes of China, Philippines, Saudi Arabia just to name a few off the African continent.

The dark force is the use of power and anarchy to take the freedom of the workers, grounding the education system, health sector and economy, making us not any better than those prince and kings whose rules take the human rights once a foreigner steps into their land, they own you and abuse you. The world is watching and freedom of every human being matters. The dark force in Zimbabwe is like the drug Lords in the american world that kills and feeds on blood money. Mnangagwa has tasted blood and he hesitate not to kill for more as long as he clings to power. We have seen his true colors after he overpowered his master, the August 2018 and January 2019 atrocities. The dark force makes it a crime to speak out of the ills in the land like corruption and misrule to anyone inside and outside the country, he makes it a criminal offense. He does not want the world to know his evil intentions, he silences the voice of the voiceless.

BUT the dark cloud around him shall be eliminated with light and light shall reign over the cities of this beloved nation. The light is coming no matter how dark it may be and it will bring with it life and freedom again. #RiseZimbabwe and open your eyes and see the light. It is beautiful but we need to continue fighting the dark force and his intentions. We cannot afford another drowning. It is time #ZimbabweLivesMatter #FreeZimbabwe #UnitedWeWillWin

Source - Dr. Takesure Tazvishaya
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