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Since when did funerals become hard hat areas?

08 Aug 2020 at 20:06hrs | Views
People may have their differences, beliefs and preferences but chasing someone from a funeral is against African tenets, traditions and the much cherished Ubuntu. The good book teaches us to mourn with the bereaved and to join in celebrations with those gathered for that purpose.

In Africa even witches attend funerals of their victims with no one not raising a finger at the nocturnal beings.

Only criminals are afraid of attending funerals since it has become common knowledge that the sad occasions have becoming 'hunting ground' for law officers looking for their 'clients', those who may have taken a short-cut to riches.

When a robber kicks the bucket, half of the mourners are alleged to be those who live by the sword. Now they know, they keep away and only return nicodimously when the coast is clear to pay their condolences to the grieving family - of course with generous amount of 'tears money'.

Mayhem at a funeral may make the deceased turn in his/her coffin since it's before being intered. How can the dead eventually rest in peace when flying fists and raining stones where probably landing on some mourners causing them to leave unceremoniously?

It is everyone's wish to dispatch a loved one peacefully with the serenity such sad occasions invoke. A decent send away satisfies inner 'hunger' of the Adam ice set divine template, that of dust to dust. The Almighty never said melee and mayhem would be part of funerals.

Usually our youths are made to carry the 'bad boys' tag as a result of copious alcohol that is availed to them at such occasions. The youths are future leaders who must be groomed, not grounded and misled.

This alcohol can be a good servant but very bad master, once it's in charge we have a loose cannon on the prowl. Foul words and wanton fights become their daily bread.

Since when did funerals become hard hat areas?

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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