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Zimbabwe cannot be marketed, ED

09 Aug 2020 at 17:17hrs | Views
President Mnangagwa was in Victoria Falls On Thursday trying to lure tourists into Zimbabwe to solve the economic disaster he has put the country in with his corrupt administration. The irony in his actions is almost funny were it not for millions of Zimbabweans who are living under US$1 per day.

It's like a king calling his neighbors for a feast when the neighbors can see his castle burning behind him. No tourists shall come to a burning state like Zimbabwe.
Tourism Growth cannot happen in a state with injustice, lawlessness and rampant corruption. Tourism growth will not happen in a country that is popular for human rights abuse.
Anyone who tries to practice democracy is abducted and tortured.

Fadzai Mahere and her six colleagues tried to peacefully air some concerns but they were arrested illegally to silence them.  Hopewell Chinono, Jacob Ngarivume and anyone who dares lift a lip against this regime are being subjected to all sorts of inhuman abuse.  Zimbabweans pay double taxes, some from their salaries others from the income tax remunerated by businesses to government and more from the two cents per dollar charged for any financial transaction. But none of that money goes to good use.

Infrastructure in Zimbabwe is in a deplorable state.  The roads are full of potholes, there is no water in the capital city for over a week now, garbage collection is none existent, most cannot afford electricity or  Internet data, all the basics that any tourist would expect to find in a country are missing in Zimbabwe.

Trying to market Zimbabwe for tourists is just like putting make up on a frog, it just won't work.

Source - Tawanda Muyeye
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