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Reporting Khaliphani Phugheni to big brother Israel Dube: here is a Ndebele calling Mnangagwa 'His Excellency'

10 Aug 2020 at 14:23hrs | Views
Khaliphani Phugheni is not stupid or an imbecile by any stretch of my imagination. In retrospect he is eloquently intelligent, articulative, brilliant argumentative skills. However those skills are not serving Matabeleland but individuals in his party MDC-T. What has happened: how does such a clever man sink so low as to call a thug, a criminal, a thief, a murderer of thousands of citizen, a perpetrator of genocide, Mnangagwa is known for his hate speech, he calls the othering cockroaches and lice and ticks. Gamatox must be used to eliminate them from this earth. Can such a man be called "His excellency" dear Khaliphani?

Here is a Ndebele man who prides himself with Christian values; he calls Mnangagwa "his excellency." This defeats the minds of the people of Matabeleland who know the horrors of genocide of the early independence if 1980s. Phugheni must have been incredibly young then during dark period of genocide activities in this region, perhaps he was not born. This young man will never understand the pain we are going through, he rubs this pain in our wounds by calling a murderer and perpetrator of genocide his excellency. He has called him so in several interviews with Gambakwe media and of late he has been grilled by Ezra Tshisa Sibanda not because he calls Mnangagwa his excellency but about tribalism going on in MDC-T - another cup of tea for some other time.

Dear readers, if you think I am exaggerating, listen to the U-Tube video interview between Ezra Sibanda and Phugheni of about a week ago. If Phugheni missed calling Mnangagwa "his excellency, he will repeat it once more to make it explicitly clear about his high regards of Mnangagwa. What is sad about this interview with Ezra is that he recalls a situation where Mnangagwa was consulted for reburial of a couple that were Gukurahundi victims. According to him this was a political score. Mnangagwa gave his node and the reburial was done. How do we comprehend this act of betrayal of victims whose lives were terminated by murderers, criminals, and thugs? This young man must be told that his reverence of Gukurahundists spits on the graves of thousands of innocent people who perished in this region for no apparent reason either than the fact that they were of Ndebele origin. Phugheni is urinating on the graves of the victims of genocide and curiously he comes from this region.

I am reporting this incident to big brother Israel Dube and am making him aware of this young man's short- comings in Matabeleland: he is cosying with the "enemy mark one" of Matabeleland; Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. Why has this man not been spoken about by MLO and Israel Dube; spoken about this open betrayal of the victims of genocide we all know vividly in our minds. There have never been any threats to his life by Israel Dube; unlike Dr. Thokozani Khuphe, unlike Senator Tabitha Khumalo, unlike Nomazulu Thata. There has never been a threat to arrest and punish Khaliphani Phugheni, douse him with paraffin and burn to death: a Winnie Mandela necklace killing of sell-outs and those that betray the "values and principles of MLO" movement. Ngixolela ngemibuzo, sengingoba bengingekho! Are killings using Winnie Mandela necklace only a punishment for women in this region and not men who have openly betrayed the people of Matabeleland? Ngixolela ngemibuzo, sengingoba bengingekho!

Is this punishment to be reserved exclusively on Ndebele women who sell out to Mashona-led parties, Ndebele women openly defy men-domination and misogyny in our societies? We have several Ndebele men who have done worse betrayal than women mentioned above. MLO is an organisation that hates women, its an organisation that will send threats using women names to threaten the Ndebele masses. MLO is f*rting scared of men politicians from Matabeleland; the likes of Jonathan Moyo, Khaliphani Phugheni, Obert Mpofu, Kembo Mohadi, Simon Khaya Moyo, Mthuli Ncube and Welshman Ncube; just to mention those few.

Any political party that uses coercion to silence its electorate is doomed to fail because it is a cowardly party from the onset. It is barbaric to cow down women to silence by threatening them with brute force. MLO lacks clear strategy, noble values, and principles in their cause to get acceptance in Matabeleland and it is for this reason they will resort to barbarism of the highest order: a threat to killing women using Winnie Mandela Necklaces.

This article should never be misconstrued as advocating for the burning of Khaliphani Phugheni-Winnie-Mandela style of capital punishment. In retrospect, such organisation that threaten its citizens should be exposed because they are a hindrance and impervious to developing fragile communities and emerging countries that need peace to put their lives back on track after those horrors of genocide. This region has never found peace at all, here we are faced with yet another insurgency that will put the development of this region to a permanent standstill.  

The question is: what does this region want? The answer should come from the people of this region and not from a group of men in South Africa who are itching for fight with the Zanu PF government. If the people of this region want to secede from Zimbabwe, let us have a referendum that will determine our regional fate and not a few disgruntled individuals hibernating in South Africa. If the region wants to implement devolution as recommendation by Zapu and other opposition parties, the people shall govern, and we take the fate of this region into our hands and develop it to our satisfaction. We should leave behind us a peaceful region for our coming generations.  Israel Dube: We are watching you!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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