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When life gives you lemons turn them into lemonade

17 Aug 2020 at 21:10hrs | Views
In Zimbabwe if you hunt you are sure to find, if you look getting is certain. Why sit on your laurels and cry 'times are hard', in deed if you slumber times can be very hard, why not do something about your situation? On the shores of Ruya Dam, the magnificent Ruya waters at Chinehasha Village in Mash. Central.

Mr Misheck Mazhude has done the unthinkable, two large fish ponds brimming with uncountable Tilapia breams, fish of high culinary 'sea food' quality.

Call it something fishy, why cry poverty when we have the land and the resources? Fisheries can be as humble as a bath tub, genesis of a profitable fish farming project.

Who ever believed the agile bream could be domesticated and become as soft as wool, gaining weight and mass in leaps and bounds, obove all, very nutritious and packed with generous quantum of omega 3, that what makes the brain tick? Food for the grey matter between the ears.

Mr Mazhude has done something great for the locals, province and country. Employment creation, with four employees and several casuals, what more do we want? The two 30 mts x 20 mts fish ponds have enough fish stock to feed a five star hotel fish lovers for enviable number of days.

Rickets, what rickets with all this reachable protein from abundant fish in both the ponds and the dam? Fish farming is profitable business, one can start with a few or little breeding stock. Little by little profit will grow into mega business, think big, God blesses something on hand.

The Almighty did not create a town for Adam and Eve, He placed them into a 'Garden in the forest'. Humanity was given a day of rest, resting after hard work, endeavor to please the Lord with hard honest work.

The locality of Chinehasha is happy for this son from home, born and bred here on the shores of Ruya dam.

I call upon other blessed and gifted sons and daughters of Chiweshe to look back and invest at home. Ours is a blessed province, good soils, hard working farmers and God fearing sons and daughters.

Mazhude's fish ponds are not the end, let them be the beginning. He invested in both fish breeding, nursery, up to 'growers ponds' and market bound harvest. Keep it up homeboy, devolution for development.

Something fishy happening in Chiweshe, if it's fish, Mazhude Fisheries is the answer.

Where life gives you lemons turn them into lemonade.

Mash. Central is blessed with abundant entrepreneurial acumen and talent. Even the sky is not the limit.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Chinehasha Dam Shores.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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