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Can you please leave Tendai Biti alone!!

18 Aug 2020 at 09:24hrs | Views
We have a government that has no morals, no qualms when it comes to corruption. The president has no shame when it comes to looting national resources and treasury coffers. The money that was allocated as Covid-19 relief was looted by the first family; Mnangagwa sons and rogue business deals stashed in foreign countries. If Mnangagwa cannot respect donations given to us by benevolent institutions to relieve families affected by the lock-down, then we know we as a nation are on our own. We have no government to talk about. We have thugs and criminals masquerading as civil servants of the nation.

Jonathan Moyo, exposed what we suspected about the recent looting of 1,20 billion US dollars by the first family again. The president fires Advocate Chasi for investigating the rot in the government and Chasi refutes this to serve his soul. There is daylight looting going on in Zimbabwe that we cannot imagine by good senses. We thank Jonathan Moyo for the good work he is doing by exposing cancer caused by the president and his cabal – milking the country at the detriment of the destitute majority. Mnangagwa does not lose sleep because families are desperate, are hungry, there is nothing to eat and nowhere to turn to.

We shall see many skeletons coming out of hibernation after the lock-down; Mnangagwa will not be moved. Mnangagwa's presidency is a golden chance to loot once more, an exercise he has been doing since the war in Congo, he looted billions of diamonds leaving the owners of the diamonds in absolute destitution. Curiously, such thugs, such criminals, murderers  like Mnangagwa live longer than the good-hearted.
We have a US embassy in Harare who know the ins and going ons in our government. That our government is corrupt through and through did not need the feedback of Tendai Biti to tell the US embassy about the cancer in our system of governance. Advocate Tendai Biti has his own shortcomings in the party politics that we women disagree with. Tendai Biti and all other men; Welshman Ncube, Job Sikhala, Hwende to name those in the higher ranks of the MDC-alliance party are hard-core misogynists, some could be tribalistic in their approach to politics: but, but by any stretch of Zanu PF imagination and their supporters, Tendai is not in a position to effect sanctions to Zanu PF blue-boy Kuda Tagwirei.

Please Zanu PF or whoever is peddling falsehood, leave Advocate Tendai Biti in your dirty and smelling rot culture of looting the country's resources. Zanu has looted for so long with impunity and it is for this reason they think they can smear Tendai with their dirt. Zanu PF is smelling rot because of corruption: the diamond revenues that are looted daily in billions, its Tendai Biti in 2012 who told the nation that the treasury is not benefitting from the national resources. Tendai Biti's bravery should be appreciated to say it as it is.
We kindly ask Jonathan Moyo to continue to expose the corrupt practices of the government. By doing so it will steer the nation into action. We are taking note of all the money that has been looted by the government. We shall demand that money back to rebuild the nation. With the assistance of international bodies like the UN, we shall be able to account for all the nations revenues in foreign banks and shall ask the host countries to repatriate all the looted money to rebuild the nation and even in the position to pay our domestic and foreign debt with looted revenues.

All those in power today must be warned that the day will come when the people shall act and speak with one voice. We shall demand our country back from criminal cabal – Zanu PF. We are angry with you. You cannot continue to abduct, rape, beat, murder our sons and daughters pamadiro a Georgina. Zanu government thinks if they commit crimes against humanity on the people of Zimbabwe, they are punishing the western countries. Zanu thinks we are the responsibility of the western governments. Its common knowledge that if Zanu went begging for money from the international lending institutions and are declined, we see the brutal reaction of the government against its people. Hopewell Chinono and Gharivhume are incarcerated because Mthuli Ncube was declined financial assistance in April this year.

Every dog has its day. All world despots left power and might violently. Remember Idi Dada Amin of Uganda, Mobutu Sese Seko if Zaire, Omar Al Bashir of Sudan is languishing in prison today as we speak. Your time will come, the time of reckoning is coming as sure as day following the night; it will be worse with Mnangagwa who has been killing people since independence. We shall demand from him to tell us where he buried our son Itai Dzamara; We want to give Dzamara a decent burial among all those who were murdered in secret bushes by Mnangagwa himself. Mnangagwa has caused a lot of pain, deaths and suffering not only on the people of Matabeleland but also on the people of Mashonaland equally.

However, this article should not be misunderstood as someone who is leaning to MDC-Alliance membership. I dislike falsehood: Advocate Biti should never be falsely accused of what he did not do. I dislike liars coming from Zanu PF. I would defend MDC-Alliance if I realized they are victims of liars and falsehood peddled by an irresponsible government and its gullible supporters. It is the whole truth, nothing but the truth we want. It is false and ludicrous to say Tendai caused the sanctioning of Kuda Tagwirei by the US government.

The government of Zimbabwe should never be given any line of credit by international lenders or debt relief. We want those lines of credit closed until the government of Zanu PF collapses and the new dispensation comes in. It will not be long, Zanu is seeing its last days in power. Thanks to their corruption, angry people will show this Zanu PF government the door, the middle finger and painfully.

It is so sad to realize that this is freedom and liberation we fought for, for so long. We lost relatives and friends in the liberation war. It is doubtful if freedom fighters had an idea of what was ahead of us in future, would they have offered to sacrifice their lives to free Zimbabwe so that Mnangagwa and his cabal feast and after feasting urinate at the rest of the population starving to death. Poverty and destitution are unprecedented in the history of this country. We are losing generations of young children with stunt development because of malnutrition and absence health, education, clean water, and sanitation. The nation has been reduced to saying: "Smith was better than this!" This is how low we sunk.

This article will be sent to International bodies and governments as usual. They must know what is happening to us in Zimbabwe today. The coup was not a solution to the nation, but we left the frying pan and landed in fire; said Tendai Biti. Mnangagwa is Mugabe mark two, those were Kate Hoey's words from Vauxhall constituency in London about Mnangagwa, but I say we are worse off with Mnangagwa today; we cannot breathe.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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