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If you have two cloaks give one to the brother without

20 Aug 2020 at 07:12hrs | Views
Peanut butter has been used since forever. In these times of high expenditure and little income, prodigality is a no no. Every cent counts and does so every acquisition, that what may wait let's go to the next bus stop.

The Lord Jesus never minced His words, if you have two cloaks, give one to the brother without and remain with one. Today some families are retiring to bed on empty bellies when you have discarded some leftovers into the trash bin, where is your conscience and compassion? How can one know and love God when you do not love your brother?

Charity begins at home and so does love. In this time of 'unknown and incurable pandemic', it's time to love your neighbor and lead a Christlike life. Food is scarce, times are hard and families are tearing apart.

Children rising against parents and becoming delinquent, leaders becoming insensitive to cries of dispair and nudge on the shoulder for attention. We are as Zimbabweans one big family, why not sit down and speak as brothers and sisters in pursuance of lasting peace, tranquility and amicability?

Whilst we seek and glean for lasting solutions to our woes, survival exploits are needed. Peanut butter can provide more proteins than 'meats' and what more, is easily obtainable.  The 'house wife', it's time to leave the kitchen and grow a few vegetables to assist with tuck and everyday 'manna'.

It's no more time to leave everything to the 'sweating husband', all hands on deck.

Market gardening and of late the 'Pfumvunza' farming system can see the family weathering the storm. These are trying times and we call upon Jehovah to heal the land and give guidance to the leadership of the nation.

Division of labour is advisable but indolence is untolerable and unholy. Substitution of modern foods with the traditional organic trajectory is recommended.

Praise be to God.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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