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'UK seeking how it can best support Zimbabweans' says Ambassador - for once, say what we NEED to hear

20 Aug 2020 at 18:56hrs | Views
The MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa member the UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe on Wednesday. The later has said the meeting was "fruitful".

"We continue to engage across the political spectrum to understand how the United Kingdom can best support Zimbabweans," Ambassador Robinson wrote on Twitter.

Every thinking Zimbabweans welcomes the British government's efforts in the search for a way out of the mess Zimbabwe is in.

Of all people the British, will readily agree that Zimbabwe is in this mess because of 40 years of blundering from pillar to post; very often, repeating the same foolish mistake over and over again. Zimbabwe's mess is a man-made problem.

The solution for the country to get out of the mess is to stop making the same foolish mistakes over and over again - self-evident and common sense. But after 40 years of blundering, common sense is not to be taken for granted. What the people of Zimbabwe need to hear, above all else, is some basic home truths; please do not assume it is obvious and therefore does not need to be spelt out.

Nelson Chamisa and his MDC friends have been calling for the formation of a Zanu PF and MDC National Transition Authority (NTA), a new GNU in all but name. Chamisa et al are fishing for cabinet positions in the NTA complete with the ministerial limos, generous salaries, etc.

They claim the NTA will also implement the democratic reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections. The 2008 GNU, which had the support of SADC, failed to implement even one reform in five years.

Indeed, it was none other than Nelson Chamisa and his MDC colleagues who sold-out and failed to implement even one reform. It is naive, to say the least, to expect them to do any better.

As for Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies, they will never ever reform themselves out of office. Never ever!

Zimbabwe needs an interim administration, call it NTA, GNU or whatever, that will be tasked to implement the democratic reforms necessary for the holding of free, fair and credible elections. Both Zanu PF and MDC A must step down to create the political space for the new administration.

To get out of the mess Zimbabwe is in, the country needs a complete overhaul of its rotten political system. Both Zanu PF and MDC A are part of the rot and hence the reason they cannot be part of the solution.

Nelson Chamisa and his MDC A are on a mission to drum up support for the Zanu PF and MDC A led NTA. By not saying nothing on the subject after the Wednesday meeting, it will be assumed the British are supportive of the MDC A proposal.

"A NTA in which Zanu PF and MDC A play a part is a repeat of the 2008 GNU and therefore a waste of time. Zimbabwe needs a working solution to end the economic and political crisis and not to keep repeating the past mistakes!" Ambassador Robinson should have twittered.

The best help the British or anyone else out there can give Zimbabwe right now is to tell Zimbabweans what we NEED to hear and not what we want to hear!

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