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General Constantino Chiwenga getting it right

24 Aug 2020 at 18:15hrs | Views
Zimbabwe has been described by some as a nation in crisis. The United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe is concerned about the direction in which Zimbabwe is headed. In the midst of the  drama, mudslinging and politicking, General Chiwenga has managed to get it right in the areas of responsibility assigned to him.

Agriculture and Food security

The government has prioritised food security and finding ways to ensure that the nation is able to feed itself. The government set a wheat target of 415 000 tonnes for the 2020 winter wheat agricultural season.

General Chiwenga who chairs the Food security and nutrition cluster  was given the task of ensuring food security and his first port of call was to ensure that the nation produces as much wheat as practically possible.
General Chiwenga as a military tactician who has served in the logistics side of military service broke down the task of producing wheat for the nation.

Each province was given targets, which they were meant to achieve to reach the national goal of 415 000 tonnes.

Mashonaland Central a key agricultural and political province had the task of planting 18 000 hectares which will give an output of  +/- 93 600 tonnes.  

Mashonaland East had a target of 12 000 hectares with a 62 400 tonnes output target.

Mashonaland West had a target of 35 000ha with a target of 182 000 tonnes

Manicaland had a target of  7 000 hectares and output target of 36 400 tonnes.

Midlands had a target of 4 500ha and 23 400 tonnes output.

Masvingo 800ha target and 4 160 tonnes output target.

Matabelaland South had a 700ha target and an output target of 2 000 tonnes.

Matabeleland North had a target of 2 000ha with an output target of 10 400 tonnes.

General Chiwenga's strategy has yielded results as the nation has achieved over 50% of its targets which has resulted in an estimated 42 000 hectares of wheat this winter season. General Chiwenga's target was 80 000ha. The strategy has worked as the numbers are better than the 2019 figures which saw Zimbabwe planting wheat on 24 184ha.

This strategy is set to help the nation reach its food security and nutrition targets. While Ambassador Brian Nichols is worried about the direction we are taking as a nation the winter wheat figures show that the nation is getting it right and moving in the right direction. Hopefully His Excellency Brian Nichols will applaud the efforts of General Chiwenga and the Patriotic farmers who are putting food security first. The corporate world has also played an important role towards realising the food security goals. Bodies such as Farmers Unions, Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ), the Reserve Bank and other entities need to be applauded for their efforts towards ensuring food security for the people of Zimbabwe.

Health Sector
Nurses at individual level are pleased with General Chiwenga's approach towards the health delivery system. Most nurses have indicated that their salaries came on time and they got their allowances on time since General Chiwenga was appointed Minister of Health.

The nurses and health workers are optimistic that their concerns and requests for adequate personal protective equipment and other health care necessities will be met on time.

While nurses would like to return to their work of saving lives, they are caught up in the politics of their Apex bodies and representatives who are bent on scoring political points and perpetuating a crisis to meet the narrative peddled by irresponsible anti-Zimbabwean elements and naysayers.

General Chiwenga is getting it right and his results are speaking for themselves. He might not have a British accent and he might not speak to please people but he is a practical and grounded visionary whose strategies and tactics are yielding results.

The corporate world needs to join the efforts to revive the health sector. Patriotic entrepreneurs like Strive Masiyiwa, Shingi Mutasa, Nick Vingirai, John Moxon, Frank Buyanga and others should join in the efforts to revive the health sector. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it important for us to have quality health delivery systems and services at home. I leave this as a challenge to all Zimbabweans to play their part and ensure that we revive our health care systems as well as ensuring that our people are food secure.

Source - Jogn Mbizvo
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