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Please Investigate Murowa Diamonds

06 Nov 2019 at 19:34hrs | Views

This is an open letter to all relevant authorities including The Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, ZIMRA, EMA, ZELA, ZACC, De Beers, Runde Rural Council and The President's Office to urgently and earnestly investigate the operations of Murowa Diamonds in view of the rampant mismanagement, looting and plundering of our God given diamonds by a few people at the expense of the locals and the nation at large. It is common knowledge that Murowa Diamonds is one of the largest diamond producing mine in Zimbabwe and its employees enjoy the luxury of flying to and from work despite being allocated expensive Toyota Land cruisers V8 which are being used as shopping baskets by the employees' spouses and girlfriends.

It is a fact that the internal security within the mine is not up to standard hence diamonds are being stolen by the very employees. An audit into the lifestyles of some employees shows that they are living large, driving expensive cars, going overseas for shopping and holiday, living in affluent suburbs, building mansions and spoiling their small houses with Gucci shoes. On the operations side effluent water from the mine flows directly into Runde river polluting the same. The environment around the mine is supersaturated with fine dust causing lung diseases to the locals leading to numerous death. Surrounding vegetation is coated with a thick layer of dust. Most houses of the locals are collapsing due to the massive blasting while those still "standing" have developed dangerous cracks. Murowa ward has been turned into a desert as the water table has disappeared due to the 500m deep mine craters. Almost all the boreholes have now dried up leaving the locals with no portable water but drinking unsafe mine effluent water. We the community wonder how EMA, Runde Rural Council, De Beers, ZELA and Mines Inspectorate can allow this evil to go unchecked!

Murowa ward is one the poorest places in the world despite being home to the best gems. While other mining companies like Mimosa, Unki and Zimplasts are ploughing back into the respective communities by way of corporate social investment Murowa Diamonds has proved to be a total curse to the community. Management is employing their kith and kin and the few lucky locals are employed on temporary basis doing menial jobs like cleaning toilets. Top vacancies and positions are filled along tribal and corrupt lines. The local leadership has been bribed by trinkets from the high table. Our councillor is dull and dumb while our MP is a total Missing Person hence mine management do as they wish negating the needs of the locals. Imagine a place with no safe drinking water, no roads, no electricity no schools but being home to the best gems in the world!

As if that is not enough, the so called local companies contracted by Murowa Diamonds for its various services are actually owned by Murowa Diamonds senior employees using uneducated locals as fa├žades! These contract companies whose accounts are handled by Murowa Diamonds don't pay NSSA, pension, PAYE, funeral and medical remittances despite being deducted from one's salary. This means these monies are being looted by the accounting personnel leaving the employees at the messy of hefty medical and funeral bills. The contracts to these "briefcase companies" were Nicodemusly awarded without the necessary transparency and knowledge of the community at large. In short the discovery of diamonds in Murowa Ward brought more suffering and misery to the local community. The mine has done nothing tangible despite looting our Diamonds for almost twenty years. All they have brought is environmental pollution, land degradation, desertification, diseases and destruction of our houses and pastures. With all due respect to private investment, we wish the mine be nationalized for the benefit of the community and Zimbabwe.

Neglected Murowa Ward Community

Source - Neglected Murowa Ward Community
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