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An open letter to President Mnangagwa

10 Nov 2019 at 08:42hrs | Views
Your Excellency,

Since your ascendency to the realms of power in November 2017 I have been monitoring your progress with keen interest.

Mr President, today I will not write about the increased human rights abuses, continuous abductions, the economy, which has reached a piloting level, neither will I talk about the strike by doctors and the civil servants or the introduction of new notes or currency, whichever way you want to call it.

Sir, today I want to talk about your speeches, which I have also been following with increasing concern.

Honestly, Mr President, your speeches have left tongues wagging and they have left not only me disappointed but I cannot take it anymore. It is hard for people to listen to you from the beginning right to the end of your speeches and you do not care, yet, you continue shaming us.

Mr President, the world waited for you to put across your message on sanctions during the anti-sanctions address at the National Sports Stadium recently. I could not help, but cry, in fact I mourned. What is more disturbing, disappointing and deeply worrying is, instead of getting better with time like wine, you are getting worse by each day.

The speeches are not only monotonous, but lack substance. They are not noteworthy. However, on content I will write to George Charamba.

Your Excellency, the office that you hold is the highest office in the land and you need to be a great orator. Your speeches are supposed to be marked in history and must be cited as inspiration just like those of Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, the late former president Robert Mugabe, among other great names.

Mr President, leaders communicate the best. People do not follow leaders because they are told to, unless in a dictatorship, but because they are inspired. Leaders must be able to articulate complex ideas and bring those to people's hearts as well as their heads, this is what make great leaders.

Your Excellency, it might not be too late for you to start practicing to become a great orator. My mathematics teacher used to say practice makes perfect.

Mr President, I make a plea to you to make it a habit to read several times through your speech before you come to read it to the public and the international community. Learn to go on the mirror or read it to the first lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa, improving any defects in your delivery based on her feedback until she okays it, then you come to the public.

Your Excellency, during your spare time you can also listen to great speakers. I do not want to give examples of foreign great orators, but our own.

You can take time to listen to Econet CEO, Douglas Mboweni, whenever Econet is launching a new product, former Finance minister Tendai Biti, businesswoman and entrepreneur Rudo Boka, your spokesperson George Charamba even your advisor Shingi Munyeza. The list is endless.

Your Excellency, for today let me end here, however, I cannot just end without quoting William Shakespeare's Macbeth, that your speeches are nothing more than "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

I hope you will take a leaf from my advice. I feel we deserve better not the kind of torture that you are subjecting us to, listening to your speeches that lack the "wow".

Moses Julias wekwa Chibaya

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