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Personal letter to Advocate Fadzai Mahere: Interview with Trevor Ncube

20 Dec 2019 at 13:55hrs | Views
Dear Ms. Mahere,

I hope I find you well dear girl-child. Your interview with Trevor Ncube made me a proud mother. Not to repeat all you have already said in that groundbreaking interview: You are indeed a very talented person, a passionate activist, one of the finest young women politicians out there who know their activism on their fingertips. This is the calibre of women we want to see taking this country forward. Where we may have failed dismally, you have the energy to finish our journey to freedom successfully, a responsibility that we took over from our mothers and fathers. Fadzai, you have it all in your profession as a lawyer, your academics and a politician to lead this nation to dizzy heights.

What was striking in your interview was your answer as to why you joined MDC-Alliance. Your conviction is that you did not need to split the opposition by fighting the regime as splitter groups but as a united force. I am sure that decision was informed judging from the vast experience you already have: you have a very impressive CV and international exposure. You have served in international bodies and institutions to get the in-depth knowledge you have. In that interview you shone out. You will indeed inspire many young girls to do more: to my delight.

Coming to some parts of your interview once more; you say you joined the party that is not perfect. The women in MDC-Alliance still have a lot to work on because in that party woman are seriously short-changed. Having seen your vibrant talk to the end with Trevor I have no doubt in my mind that those will be the areas of interest to turn tables around and revolutionalize your party on gender issues. Women still rate second in MDC-Alliance; I am sure that you and other young women will correct those gender imbalances. Women are indeed second class citizens, first in MDC-Alliance and in the country as a whole. I am dead sure you are going to play your part well.

What stood out in that interview once more is the courage you displayed throughout. This is what makes a genuine and authentic activist and politician. You are young, intelligent, eloquent, articulate and courageous woman. I cannot ask for more in a young woman of your age. We are not young anymore dear Fadzai, the hope that we shall leave the fight for justice and gender equality on your hands like yours and indeed other women will make me smile in my grave. Thank you for making my day mtanami/mwana wangu. I really love you. You have my blessing. We are slowly passing on the baton to you young women to do more for the revolution, remembering too that the women's fight is a double fight all the time: it is fighting for the regime change in Zimbabwe and at the same breath the women's rights will not be given to us on a silver plate but a bitter fight will be needed to change this patriarchal thinking and a sense of entitlement in our societies.

Before I pen off dear Fadzi, I wish to remind you that in our own ways, abilities and possibilities we need to be able to fight for other women irrespective of their political affiliations and close connections to the powers that be. I am having Mrs. Marry Chiwenga in mind. She has made many mistakes during the time she was wife to the General Chiwenga admittedly. However, at such hard times she finds herself in, we need to see a mother in her and a sister who needs our emotional solidarity. Her crimes compared to all other criminals looting the state coffers, she did not deserve the treatment she got from her husband; exposing her in that manner. Remember too that, that humiliation can happen to anyone of us women. The estranged husband General Chiwenga is using ZACC to punish her but on the other hand, forgetting that she is mother to his children! Curiously the head of ZACC department is a woman!

Our solidarity is not to condom corruption Marry is accused of, but the way the state was used to punish her as if she is the big fish in the scheme of corruption. Marry is a complete victim of circumstances still beyond our comprehension. Here, I ask for women's solidarity and nothing more. Mrs. Marry Chiwenga is unwell and her children need their mother at Christmas to them that motherly comfort and her presence will give smile to their growing up faces.

Solidarity with other women is something I have learnt as a politician here in Germany. Just like you: I lost parliamentary EU elections in May this year and I know how it feels to lose elections. I was on a Feminist Party" The Women" ticket that taught me among many other things: global solidarity with women in distress. I am deeply proud of this insight. We can do a lot in uplifting other women and give each other hope, inspiration and courage to fight especially gender issues, a global menace.

Please, for all those who did not see this "Conversation with Trevor/Adv. Fadzai Mahere, I would recommend all especially women to watch the video to the end. It is a refreshing well articulated, intelligently presented interview to recommend. They don't call you Fadzai for nothing!

Your mother in spirit
Nomazulu Thata

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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