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Open Letter To Mr President HE ED Mnangagwa

08 Jan 2020 at 10:38hrs | Views
Mr President, firstly do not feel belittled by that title 'Mr' ..even Trump is addressed so!

I have a few issues to address to you as the head of state and responsible for everything taking place in your area of control!.

ZUPCO BUSES - The general population was full of praises when you introduced the cheapest yet inconvient mode of transportation.It did not only end there, You went to Belarus and got 'yourself' these new Zupco buses intending to help cushion the public from these harsh conditions that affect their daily movements, I still don't know how many they were ! Last batch i heard they were 70. The one thing that is troubling me the most is all in all these new Zupco buses are are +-250 according to state media BUT those that rove around our streets and intercities are less than 70.

What happened to others? We were there when you unveiled those buses in Bulawayo..and its public knowledge that the very same buses were driven to Gwanda for unveiling as well.What does Belarus tend to benefit for giving you these buses? .
Another issue has to do with the rate at which security sector guys are dumping government for private employment. Am talking about well trained guys ..Army boys, police and all uniformed forces. Don't you think you are sitting on a time bomb? These guys jus dn't have a commander and resources, otherwise with this economic situtuation they would turn this country upside down! And its only a matter of time before they turn against you. A good master looks after his dogs..makes sure they are well fed lest they bite his heels.

Have been to areas infested by MaShurugwis..those are not just civillians but ex-serving members who have resorted to machetes,if they had access to firearms..this country would be in chaotic state.!

I beg you in Jesus' name to fix this economy before you regret!! The storm is brewing!!


Source - RuralEye
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