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Vultures devouring technical colleges esp. Harare Poly

11 Feb 2020 at 21:55hrs | Views
Dear Editor,

Vultures devouring technical colleges esp. Harare Poly

I am deeply saddened by the ridiculous way in which lecturers at Polytechnic colleges are handled by their principals. The way of life of lecturers in some of these colleges is miserable, not because of the inadequate salaries which are continuously eroded by inflation day in day out, but because of maltreatment by their principals. It looks like some principals 'own' these lecturers and treat them as if they were their toys or lifeless beings. Honestly, lecturers at some of these polytechnic colleges are being treated like their farm workers. Principals have no respect of their own work force who work tirelessly to improve results and produce graduates who are supposed to be contributing towards the growth of the economy.

I cannot imagine a principal hating his own lecturers for no apparent reasons, but it is indeed happening. Some of the principals are busy milking the colleges of their resources through every means. Corruption is rampant amongst the college principals. They enrich themselves through corrupt methods and activities and at the detriment of both the students and lecturers. Resources are being mismanaged and, in most cases, used for personal benefits. In order to cover up for their shed deals and corrupt activities, some of the principals have deliberately decided to ignore taking their leave days for the past thirteen years, in case someone else would spill the beans in their absence. Nomatter how good it is for someone to take a break from his/her work, some principals defy all odds and stay putty at the workplace as a means of ensuring security of their shenanigans. This is anti-development and cannot be tolerated by progressive minds. His Excellence the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has been in office for less that two years now but has decided to take his annual leave and rest from the hassles of daily work, so that he comes back refreshed and rejuvenated and geared for work. What more a principal who has gone for more than thirteen years without taking leave, honestly this is ridiculous and uncalled for.

I am stationed at one of the polytechnic colleges where HEXCO examination papers leaked resulting in the instant dismissal of the clerk and some lecturers. How come both the principal and the vice principal were not reprimanded, yet they are the custodians of all resources at the college including examination papers.  This is painful. To say the least, the victims were innocent. They acted upon the principal's instruction as has been the norm for many years. Can someone act against these corrupt vultures who are destroying our institutions of learning. More examination papers are leaking every year and only the lecturers are being affected and dismissed. This is very unfair on them. We need sanity in our colleges.

To make matters, our dear principals are busy appointing undeserving lecturers to positions of authority. How is it possible for a learned principal to appoint an uneducated person a lecturer, without the prerequisite qualifications? This is happening in these Polytechnique Colleges. This is not fiction, it is true and happening. There are there pretending to be teaching yet, cheating. What was the purpose of skills audit that was carried out by the Public Service Commission sometime back? Why are they keeping these people on such posts, yet not qualified? This is very bad especially for the parent who is incurring thousands of dollars in fees for their children for no benefit. You realise that at the end of the training programme, they are half backed and cannot perform in companies. They are incompetent because they were half backed by a person who is also half backer/trained, without the necessary qualification. The mixture is of cause not palatable. How do you justify the appointment of a person with a National Certificate to teach at a technical college? Does it mean they are no qualified personnel at the college or in the country? This is all a mess. Most of our children will be the least educated around the country. They are being prejudiced of their right to quality education by the merciless principals at these colleges. To that end, can I be privileged to ask the role of Public Service Commission if things are in a state of messy like this at technical colleges. It looks like the skills audits carried out regularly by the Commission are serving any purpose. These people must be ejected from the system.
I suggest that in order to protect the interest of the polytechnic colleges, our principals MUST be rotated after serving a few years on the station. This is what happens with our ministers and permanent secretaries. They are being constantly reshuffled to enhance efficiency and accountability. What is special about college principals.

Source - Concerned Student
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