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Muchinguri must resign!!!

16 Mar 2020 at 09:03hrs | Views
Dear Editor.
Thank you for giving me space to air my grievances to the government of Zimbabwe. I write to call the Defence Minister Honourable Oppah Muchinguri to resign with immediate effect following her reckless statement about Covid-19 in Chinhoyi recently. Addressing a Zimbabwe Liberation War Collaborators Association (ZLIWACO) gathering Honourable Muchinguri celebrated Covid-19 calling it God's punishment to the West for imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe as if that was not enough she concluded by saying 'yea ngavamborwadziwe nayo' loosely translated as 'let them feel the pain'. That was a reckless and insensitive statement considering how thousands have succumbed to this pandemic across the globe. International media ran with that story calling it Zimbabwe's position on Covid-19.

Hon Muchinguri has brought our bleeding country into disrepute causing a fierce diplomatic storm. Zimbabwe is struggling to re-engage with the international community and such a statement thwarted those efforts. I am sure Hon Sibusiso Moyo the Foreign Minister will have a lot of explanations to make to the international community to clear the air and set the record straight. The quickest damage control in this context if I may offer free consultancy to the government of Zimbabwe is firing Hon Muchinguri with immediate effect. To Honourable Muchinguri If I may be candid 'Matinyadzisa mbuya imi ko kumbonotamba nevazukuru venyu kupurazi kwenyu mosiirawo vechidiki mabasa awa?' (You have embarrassed us, why can't you resign and spend most of your time with your grandchildren at your farm and leave these government positions to young and fresh minds?) To add an insult to an injury I am beginning to wonder what exactly is happening at the Defence Ministry considering that Hon Muchinguri is the Minister, deputized by Hon Victor Matemadanda both are certified sycophants who usually behave like they are under the influence of dagga. Ndiani anodzora mumwe pakadai,mwana atsva dumbu,mai vatsva musana? (Who can assist or moderate the other considering both Muchinguri and her Deputy are mad thugs) I wonder what exactly will be happening at the Defence House. May God Save the Republic of Zimbabwe.

It is against this backdrop that I call upon Hon Muchinguri to step down and resign with immediate effect. She is too reckless and thuggish, I hope the so called 'Second Republic' which is just the continuation and a replica of the first (let's leave this debate for another day) will be wise enough to issue a statement distancing itself from such an idiotic utterance. The Cabinet meets every Tuesday, I expect Mnangagwa to not only rebuke Muchinguri but to fire her and set the record straight to the regional and international community. But ummmm maybe I am expecting too much from Mnangagwa, a man who built a mortuary in Kwekwe and started offering prizes to people who were dying and brought 'ku mortuary yake inotonhorera' (to his mortuary which he brags that its ice-cold as if it's a beer). Both Mnangagwa and Muchinguri are birds of the same feathers as they both celebrate death and make dark, insensitive and reckless jokes about loss of lives. It will be hard infact impossible for Mnangagwa to restrain Muchinguri but let's see how it goes. Fellow compatriots with this calibre of leadership our country is doomed. We must do something to reclaim this country from these thugs!!!

In conclusion Amai Muchinguri kindly do the honourable thing, resign and save us this embarrassment. You have been in government for forty years now isn't it the time for you to retire to your farm and spend more time with your grandchildren? I pray for families who lost their loved ones due to Covid-19,May God comfort you not forgetting those who are battling this pandemic in various hospitals across the globe. I pray for your healing. What Muchinguri said does not reflect our position as Zimbabweans that's her own idiocy which she exposed.
May God Save the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo,Sr aka Rebel Leader is a human rights defender and a pro-democracy campaigner based in Kwekwe. He writes in his personal capacity and is reachable on his Whatsapp +263714019030

Source - Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Sr
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