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President Mnangagwa, why is Frank Buyanga not arrested by ZR Police?

30 Mar 2020 at 12:34hrs | Views
Dear Mr President,

I hope I find you well Mr. President. I am putting on ice serious differences I have with you for the sake of the young life: the son to Ms Chantelle Muteswa and Mr. Frank Buyanga. (name of the son withheld) I am sure you know what transpired on the 27th of March, exactly last week. On this day, Frank Buyanga kidnapped a toddler, his son from his mother: Chantelle Muteswa. We hoped the whole weekend: we thought the police will look for him; will react to this kidnapping of a minor and arrest Frank Buyanga on grounds stipulated in the constitution: Article 93 Kidnapping or unlawful Detention.

Dear Mr President, it is utterly disgusting to see our men taking the law into their hands to threaten women with harmful objects to inflict fear on them. So many events have happened in this case, and we thought the law was going to take its course. We are indeed very disappointed because somehow, it appears the law applies to the common people and the ruling and the rich are above the law: go scot free. They can use and abuse the law as they wish. This behaviour and attitude by some husbands and fathers undermine the very constitution you uphold as President. Women suffer horrific domestic abuse by men in all classes of the societies in the land. 

Ms Chantelle Muteswa has been desperately knocking at your door seeking assistance but she did not get it. Her former boyfriend Frank Buyanga, on the other hand, is protected by your top and senior civil servant: VP Chiwenga and Frank gloats about this openly with inflated arrogance. When it comes to cases of minors, I have known our Zimbabwe police to be good at handling such cases. I have read cases in our social media: when and were a man/woman is found abusing a minor the police acted swiftly to make sure the minor gets justice. Now I really do not know if what we read in Gambakwe media is to be believed, that whoever is connected to Chiwenga in Zimbabwe is untouchable.

We have seen how your top civil servants handle their divorce cases in the public at the glare of the social media cameras. There is no dignity in that case left between Constantine Chiwenga and Merry Mubayiwa.  There is no dignity in the divorce case of VP Kembo Mohadi and Senator Tambudzani Mohadi. The children are messed up by these divorce cases to the point of madness. Both cases, Merry Mubayiwa and Chantelle Muteswa are battered women who have experienced domestic abuse unimaginable by common sense. It diffable the minds: it confuses me to notice that you have never commented about such cases on violence against women especially cases involving second highest civil servants in the land, VP Kembo Mohadi and VP Constantine Chiwenga. There should be some position you take as President of this country. How do we interpret your silence regarding domestic horror of events from your VPs? Zimbabwe is signatory of the CEDAW and your wife: First Lady, Auxilia Mnangagwa attends these conferences in New York on several occasions. Her attending these high-profile meetings means that Zimbabwe ratified this convention together with many other nations globally and therefore full member of this convention.

 Frank Buyanga must be arrested for many reasons: He was given notice by the court that eloquently gave custody of the child to Ms. Chantelle Muteswa. He, because of his arrogance, overlooked the ruling and he forcefully took the child away from his mother. The court intervened and handed the child over to the mother as per court ruling. Barely two weeks, Frank stages a kidnap, one of the accomplices was holding a gun in the hand to frighten Chantelle and the mother. This whole saga happened at a supermarket and lucky enough the CCTV caught the crime scene as evidence should this abduction case goes to the courts.
Mr President, Ms Chantelle has on several times sought your audience together with your wife The First Lady but to no avail. The young woman is desperate for help because this case, otherwise a very simple case is now getting politicised, Frank in his rantings, includes you, your wife and your sons: a desperate move by Frank Buyanga to confuse a case that is straight forward. Frank name drops Chiwenga to his advantage. But our young lady still believes in the justice system to give her what belongs to her: Her SON and nothing more. She has never claimed maintenance from him. This is how I understand the story.

This ruling done by the courts in favour of Frank Buyanga is laughable to say the least. Where has it ever happened that a whole judge can change a constitution inside the court. Normally the sitting parliament change the laws and not the sitting judge in court. Again, Chantelle does not know anybody in the higher echelons of power to speak for her. Not even the women's organisations are behind her case. Chantelle is on her own and this is very painful to comprehend women solidarity and women's rights in the first place. It is for this reason that I ask you Mr. President to investigate this case with urgency. Frank and Chantelle's son has become an emotional punching ball, a ping pong effect. One day he is with father and the next time he is with mother: the switch over from one parent to the other is so rough, rude, dishonest, and above all so barbaric, a drama that will leave Hollywood industry green with envy.

It does not surprise me that Frank Buyanga's treatment to Chantelle is taken from the same hymn book, same script VP Chiwenga is using to Merry and her children. As a woman who is also a mother, I appeal to you to do something about this case. Child abduction is a serious case and gives a bad precedence to other young men that if you want your child back, you need to take a gun and threaten to kill the mother. Then you get what you want. A civilized country cannot be reduced to a banana republic, a republic without laws that should first and foremost protect the most vulnerable in our societies: the women and children.

Children's rights are enshrined in several conventions that protect them at UN level and many other international bodies, and Zimbabwe is signatory to most of these conventions. They were ratified for a purpose of protecting children including Chantelle's son. If you give your weight and investigate this case thoroughly, it will give precedence to most men that children, like human beings, deserve dignity and respect due to human beings. Children are not to be treated as emotional punchbags by fighting parents. The rights of children in the constitution must never be tempered with because Frank appeared to have connections with VP Chiwenga.

Frank Buyanga deserves to be arrested just like any other criminal who has violated the constitution by abducting a minor and there is evidence of this in the CCTV. The accomplices left Chantelle and her mother with wounds on their hands and knees.

Dear President, may I let you know that I know you personally. I saw you twice at the University of Zambia in the mid-seventies. My meeting you in the company of Dr. Christopher Ishewokunze and Mr. Masipeta should not be construed as name-dropping per se. I am appealing to you as a mother and born citizen of Zimbabwe to deal with this case urgently, our daughter Chantelle Muteswa is in total distress, desperately needs assistance.

Thanking you in advance

Yours sincerely

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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