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Nick Mangwana what is hate speech according to you? Calling Mnangagwa a hyena; is that hate speech?

17 May 2020 at 21:49hrs | Views
Dear Nick,

One thing you have not mastered ever since you entered politics in 2017 is that African politics has short legs. Do not dream even in your maddest senses that Zimbabwe politics will remain as stagnant as it is today. Things may change faster than you think. You give all the impression that you are eating a lot to the extent that you are careless in your utterances as Secretary for Information, Publicity & Broadcasting. I am living in a country: 75 years ago was fascist government just like in Zimbabwe today: the infamous Goebbels had the same position as you and was doing all the propaganda for Hitler, just like you are doing all the propaganda for Mnangagwa.

Those idiots who nurtured the Third Reich are in history books today tainted with sad stories of genocide, mass killings and counter killings of innocent people was the order of the day. It is bad enough that their names will remain forever in history books. The world two wars are history today. One day Zimbabwe will be rid of malcontents like you Nick and the rest in the government and we shall have young people of Joanne Mamombe's age to take this country to a higher level than the rot we have today. Very soon you will be one of them who will find themselves in the wrong side of history of this great country. Gloat serving an illegitimate government of Emmerson Mnangagwa, it will just be one day.

I read your communique, a disgusting one to say the least, somehow you think you can say all manner of threats against Chamisa to reduce him to silence. If he likened your f├╝hrer Mnangagwa as a hyena is because he found him so. To call him a hyena is mild, decent, and measured language Chamisa described a murderous Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

It is disgusting enough to utter an abomination: you have the audacity, the hide to accuse Mamombe, Chimbiri and Marova of stage-managing their abductions. This thought process is callus and cynical considering the horror of torture, rape, and beatings by your secret service and you are not even ashamed to be part of a government that is capable of using rape to punish opposition political members, not ashamed to be part of a regime whose secret service force captives to eat faeces and drink urine. Do you realize you have crossed the red line?
The three suffered horrific sexual abuse, they had their breast sucked and guns inserted in their anal passage. They were also made to sing, march and dance non-stop for more than 24 hours. They were assaulted all over their bodies with iron rods. The activists were also forced to drink each other's urine and to eat faeces."

Is it civilization to force human beings to eat faeces and drink urine? Is it civilization to suck breasts of abducted victims? Is it civilization to assault women with iron rods, having been captives for 2 days under horrendous circumstances they are dumped miles away from Harare? You came out smiling, saying the trio stage-managed the abductions. Dear Nick Mangwana: There is Karma. This is your Karma. Karma begets Karma! Karma wacho achauya Mangwana.

By all civilized standards, your government is barbaric and cowardice but last. To abuse young women of this nation in the way they were tormented in the manner unimaginable by common sense, is criminal and you are now part of the thugs and murderess in power.

This Mnangagwa you are serving has blood in his hands, he has murdered thousands of innocent people since independence and has gone scot free. Instead we have a murderer in power. He did not win those elections free and fairly. Not even in Mashonaland can your boss win election: he can only win by hook and crook, what a shame. You think you can gloat this much to serve a government that rigged elections? Mnangagwa has on several occasions insulted the innocent people of Matabeleland and called them cockroaches and so far he has never given even a slender apology, nor does he want the Gukurahundi issue solved amicably.

Who owns the slogan "pasi ne mandu!?" Who talks about ordinary people who bark like dogs? "Bacha zo bukura bogobukura" According to you Nick, is it civilized for a head of state to utter such an abomination: Mnangagwa is uncouth and always incensed with criminal intents? It should scare you to death to serve a callous and lethal leader like Mnangagwa. But you are concerned that Chamisa called Mnangagwa a hyena. This is duplicity without boundaries. To you all people in power, Zimbabwe is a country where you can do and say what pleases you. Your president can say anything because you have the army on your side to protect criminal activities pamadiro a Georgina.

"Government has noted with concern statements published in a local daily newspaper where opposition leader Mr Nelson Chamisa labelled the Head of State and Government, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as a 'hyena'. The language used by the opposition leader qualifies to be called 'hate speech' and has no place in civilised politics," said Mr Mangwana.

Nick, all I can say to you pamberi nekuguta. (forward with eating) But you should know that politics in Africa has short legs. You are singing for your supper and singing for crumbs of bread; the rest of the population in Zimbabwe is literally starving, the thought that millions are in dire straits does not worry your sleep. Food insecurities in the lockdown are genuine reasons to worry about. By the scheme of things, you do not care about populace at all. But you want the world at large to be fed with Goebbels's similar propaganda that Zimbabwe has a brand to protect. There is no brand to protect here Nick and you know that well. You came back to Zimbabwe from the UK to eat and never to serve.  

Let me tell you what I am doing right now. I am writing a letter to the UN and EU and will say it as it is, how these young women were abducted and how the government is laughing and gloating about their horrendous experiences at the mercy of butchers' CIO secret service. The brand you are talking about is fictitious. These foreign countries know the murderous Zanu PF and they know how lethal, how murderous Mnangagwa is: they are not stupid and inward looking as you think they are. You talk about civilization in Zimbabwe, whose president is widely known to eliminate political opponents who threatened to unseat Mugabe, Mnangagwa did all the dirty work for Mugabe. Mnangagwa says Mugabe is his mentor: the statement says it all about their relationship. Whereas Mugabe could not handle a gun to shoot opponents, Mnangagwa did the dirty job for him.

We are relieved that our three young women are alive. Tell us where activist Itai Dzamara is today? Is he still stage-managing his abductions? Mnangagwa knows what happened to our son. This is the civilized country you want to portray to the world Nick Mangwana. Zimbabwe is country that has seen crimes against humanity, it has seen genocide and abductions of thousands of innocent civilians. You want to tell straight liars to the world how civilized this nation is, you say Zimbabwe has a brand to protect, at best you are a laughingstock no less Mangwana.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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