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Give Us Confidence Cde President

30 Jun 2020 at 18:24hrs | Views
Dear Cde President,

I know chances of you reading this letter are next to zero but all the same I write to you on the basis of you being "a listening President". Cde President it is crystal clear that the majority, @ 98% Zimbabweans are suffering, really suffering simply because of the deeds and misdeeds of a very few individuals 2%. These few individuals have captured the whole of Zimbabwe, holding us at ransom treating us as subhumans if not economic slaves.

These few individuals are well known by everyone including the law enforcement agents but surprisingly no one is willing to stop them from their very evil deeds of looting, plundering, laundering, syphoning, chicanery, economic sabotage, forex externalisation, price distortion and massive corruption. Everyone is wondering why, Cde President you ignore this barbaric evil which is happening everywhere be it in high offices, border posts, highways, shops, industry, church, commerce and even in politics? Cde President you must act and act fast. Heads must roll and surely big heads must fall now!

We the poor starving povo can't take it anymore. Imagine a situation where local shops are refusing to accept bond coins and notes. These coins and notes are a legal tender as directed by your government, never mind how our USD where converted to this bond animal by your government. To be frank that was day light robbery. Now the bond is as useless as one can imagine. The RBZ governor promised to resign should the bond fail and surely as one occupying an esteemed office must simply honour his promise. Since he is still in the office long since the bond failed please have guts to fire him without any single benefit because he is part to the economic challenges we are facing.

Talk of firing misfiring government officials. Cde President your team is not playing ball as there is no cohesion, team spirit, burning desire to succeed, no focus, no direction and no nothing. All what your team is doing is lining their bottomless pockets. As a nation, we can't come out of this messy when we have shameless government officials doing shameful things. In order for our country to redeem itself fire all those useless people without fear or favour. They have dismally failed. All those involved in economic sabotage must face the full wreath of the law irrespective of how close they are to you. We must see action with tangible results not just words. The time of politicking and propaganda is long gone its now time for action and results.

We are a blessed country, too rich to be poor. Its only commitment that is lacking. Those who are not patriotic must not be near the corridors of power or in any government office for one bad apple spoil the basket. You need to read the riot act, create a smoke and fire situation. This is not the time of friendship, tribalism, factionalism, nepotism, racism but time for actualism. Its never too late to make a fresh start as all it takes is to admit that your team has failed to deliver, disband it and recruit new players, who are focused, energetic and driven by the desire to make Zimbabwe a better country. We have amongst us hardworking intellectuals ( sorry not those with fake internet degrees) hence no need to recycle dead wood. Our mineral resources and our hardworking people must be our propellant to economic prosperity. Plundering of minerals and externalisation of same must immediately be stopped by whatever means possible. Mining of whatever mineral must be done in an orderly and transparent manner that can be audited and accounted. Zvechikorokoza izvi hazvivaki nyika please!

True Patriot

Munya Shumba

Source - Munya Shumba
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