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May the soul of Robert Gabriel Mugabe rest in eternal peace

08 Sep 2019 at 21:20hrs | Views
Message of condolence to the president and first secretary of Zanu-PF and president of Zimbabwe H. E. Cde. E. D. Mnangagwa, Zanu-PF party leadership and members, the Mugabe family and the people of Zimbabwe on the death of the former President and founding father of Zimbabwe

1.    ZANU-PF SOUTH AFRICA leadership and the entirety of its membership extend their sincere and heartfelt condolences to the President and First Secretary of ZANU-PF and President of the Republic of Zimbabwe H. E. Cde. E. D. Mnangagwa, ZANU-PF Party leadership and members, the Mugabe family and the people of Zimbabwe, on the death of the founding father of Zimbabwe, a revolutionary, a liberation fighter, an icon of liberation, an educationist, a Pan-Africanist par excellence Cde. Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

2.    As we commiserate with the people of Zimbabwe, we celebrate the life of Cde. Mugabe who sacrificed and dedicated his life to the political and economic emancipation and empowerment of his people. ZANU-PF SA will forever remain indebted to the former President of Zimbabwe as one of Africa's bravest and principled Pan-Africanist who was never afraid to stand for what he believed in and speak his mind even when it was not popular. He resolutely defended the country's independence and sovereignty, and affirmed that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Through his courageous stand in the face of adversity and vilification, Zimbabweans acquired the virtue of being proud Africans and cannot accept the inferiority tag just because of our blackness.

3.    The former President Cde. Mugabe leaves a rich legacy of having educated Zimbabweans. We will forever remember him for his deep commitment to the education of Africans in general and Zimbabweans in particular. Zimbabwe is currently ranked among the best in Africa in terms of education because of Cde. Mugabe's values in education and skills development.

4.    Cde. Robert Gabriel Mugabe will go in the annals of history as the champion of the land reform, indigenisation and economic empowerment in Zimbabwe and Africa in general. It was through Cde. Mugabe that the land reform programme was fast tracked in 2000. Land was made available to the landless black majority in fulfilment of the objectives of the liberation struggle. The resolution of the land question was unprecedented and now Zimbabweans have been greatly empowered through land distribution. There can be no greater empowerment to a people than ownership of land and resources and for this we remain eternally grateful to him.

5.    Zimbabweans in particular will and the world in general will forever remember the call by Cde. Mugabe as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in 1980, for national reconciliation, peace and unity. In his address to the nation on 4th March 1980, the Prime Minister elect, Cde. R. G. Mugabe urged people to beat the swords into ploughshares, so that we could attend to the challenges of developing our economy and society.  He knew that peace and unity were critical ingredients for development; hence he told the nation "to forget our grim past, forgive others and forget, join hands in a new amity". On the eve of Zimbabwe's independence, on 17th April 1980, he said, "If ever we look to the past let us do so for the lesson the past has taught us". This gesture of forgiveness and reconciliation was to be emulated and perfect by other leaders across the continent. For that we will remain perpetually grateful to him for his visionary leadership.

6.    When history of Zimbabwe and Africa will be told Robert Gabriel Mugabe be part of it. He ran his race and fought his fight. Those of us remaining will continue the battle for which he and others such as Dr. Joshua Nkomo and Herbert Chitepo gave their lives to liberate Zimbabwe and Africa. We owe it to him as ZANU-PF SA and the ZANU-PF family at large to continue the fight and protect his legacy. After all he believed that African problems need African solutions and likewise Zimbabwean problems require Zimbabwean solutions. We will forever cherish his call and counsel that "We must be masters of our own destiny.''

Fambai murugare Gushungo. Makarwa penyu. Basa rasara tichapedzisa under the able leadership of those of your comrades who were under your tutelage before and after independence in 1980.



Source - Zanu-PF South Africa District
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