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Magombeyi 'abduction' script clumsy

20 Sep 2019 at 10:18hrs | Views
...stinks of Uncle Sam's scent and his regime change runner boys

A fortnight ago, no one knew who Dr Peter Magombeyi was. All of a sudden, an elderly sick gogo in Chendambuya or a sick young boy in Chireya Gokwe, now does know him. Get me right; not for the good reasons at all.

On Sunday 15 September 2019, we woke up to the news that some doctor was kidnapped or abducted, but he had managed to communicate with his other colleagues that he had been abducted by three men. Funny!

This Magombeyi "abduction" is really Alice in Wonderland written script as it leaves more grey areas. Whoever coached the doctor or directed the play forgot to make it look real as he/she kept the audience in the studio rather than for once make them believe it was a real life episode.

Fast forward, five days later, Magombeyi emerges 33 kilometres North West of Harare with alleged "retrograde amnesia" to use his own words. His abductors are one in a million. So caring and kind abductors really! Good staff hey.

The unscathed Magombeyi had his cell-phones fully charged and had an interview already lined up with Studio 7 and he was aware of where  he was, Nyabira yet he doesn’t know of anything else.

In his interviews, the doctor professed that he did not remember anything at all, hence an investigations into his whereabouts for the last five days will remain a mystery. Funny!

The whole abduction account stinks of a staged plot with loopholes of poor coaching to maintain the authenticity of the story. Foreign embassies were so conspicuous over this issue, MDC activists and members were given another opportunity to push for demos. Is it coincidence? Alas, the whole abduction saga is politically oriented and Uncle Sam’s boys have upped their wager to remove ZANU PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration by hook or crook. The whole fiasco has a very familiar repugnant smell.

The quest for power should never ever replace our humanness and the inherent spirit of Ubuntu that is the hallmark of our people, either in their deeds or spirit. Such virtues that are found in Zimbabwe should never be superseded by self-seeking politicians or power-hungry individuals who pander to the whims and caprices of our erstwhile colonisers.

Of course, Uncle Sam approved this script in a bid to push for regime change agenda machinations. This time, their agenda was to tarnish the image of the country in the face of the visiting United Nations Special Rappoteur on Human Riughts, Mr Clement Voule who is on a mission to assess human rights issues in Zimbabwe.

It is known that MDC and all its appendages have been playing the human rights card for long and this shadows Uncle Sam’s interests.  The opposition was in a celebratory mood and so were some embassies in Harare over the fake abduction of Magombeyi.  The morbid celebrations are a result of a mission accomplished, at least in the eyes and hearts of the MDC-Alliance and its handlers.

All progressive forces and my fellow countrymen find it utterly disgusting that there are some elements who wanted to use the disappearance of Peter for political mileage by sacrificing their conscience just for the sole endgame to expedite their nefarious regime change agenda .

Today, where is Uncle Sam and like-minded embassies that went to town over this botched job. No one has said anything over the new development that Magombeyi has finally crawled out of his self made basement.

The whole abduction thing beats logic as to why would the ZANU PF Government seek to bring unnecessary negative publicity when President Mnangagwa is due to be at the United Nations in New York, marketing brand Zimbabwe?

And indeed why would Government score an own goal by carrying such dastardly acts when a special UN envoy is on its soil assessing our human rights record?

Indeed, common sense shows that there are elements in this country hell bent on earth-shaking the progress that ZANU PF is making, there is a third and sinister hand trying to rock the boat and cause maximum damage to the re-engagement efforts, these shenanigans, which have fingerprints of the country’s clumsy opposition party masqueraders and their puppeteers all over.  The supposed killer punch and return the country to a pariah State that is unsafe, inhabitable, and perpetually ostracised from the rest of the world missed its target as Government had deployed its security apparatus on the matter. Interestingly, they were getting close. It is not doubtful at all, Uncle Sam and his regime change runner boys are indeed the third force.

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Source - Shongedzai Mugwagwa
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