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Stop corruption in its tracks

20 Sep 2019 at 19:47hrs | Views
The mobile cash-out agent why are you 'robbing' the poor? Forget about robbing Peter to pay Paul you are stealing from the transacting public.

The surrogate parent company offering the service has distanced itself from the 'daylight robbery' charges being visited upon poor Zimboz. Who then spawned the devilish charges by cash out agents? Giving 40-60% of my hard earned money to 'Shylock' who never lifted a finger in earning it, what madness.

The cash barons are far worse thieving from the poor majority who are struggling daily to make ends meet. Tuckshop owners have joined the bandwagon with their two tier pricing system. A bond price and e-wallet price for the same item, the later being almost two times.

Withdrawing the agent lines may not be punitive enough, prosecute the 'monetary tics' who are sucking life out of the people. To restore confidence in the payment systems, authorities must keep foot on the pedal to stop the evil practice.

People are already 'down' why wanting to finish them off? Let's unite in building the economy not pulling each other down. One does not climb higher by stepping on the shoulders of the poor. Corruption kills, stop corruption in its tracks.

Surprisingly even some members of the uniformed forces may also be falling victim to the cash barons. If predators do not find prey the predators will become extinct.

Tondorindo. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondorindo
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