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Open letter to Julius Malema

26 Sep 2019 at 06:58hrs | Views
It's unfortunate and an absurdity of the highest level of pigheadedness that you, Julius Malema has turned himself into a paid and willing implement of the fallen and discredited G40 clique whose majority of members are in self-imposed exile, dreading "arrest" for crimes, only themselves know.

Contrary to what you say and want us to believe, the wishes of former president Robert Mugabe's family is highly esteemed and respected by the current Government led by President Mnangagwa.

The actions and evidence of how the Government reveres the former president and his family are there for all and sundry to see. Admittedly, you are a documented motor-mouth, but even a fool must know his time and place.

We thought you had come for a funeral, but we were shocked that you became the proverbial outsider mourning more than the bereaved. We all know that it was the Mugabe family that suggested the idea of a mausoleum and their wish was granted by President Mnangagwa.

The respect for the wishes of the family is indeed a new development, considering that the former president, without judging him, did not respect the wishes of some of the families who did not want their relatives interred at the national shrine.

The following heroes come to mind; Cephas Msipa and Edgar Tekere just to mention two. For you, Malema, this should be highly important information that your G40 handlers hid from you.

Indeed, Mugabe was our leader, who led our struggle, and whom we voted for, several terms and the ideology which he nurtured was not his own individual ideology per se, but that of the party which shepherded him into office, and that is the gigantic ZANU-PF.

You might know, Julius, if you are now dull, that Zanu-PF is a product of a protracted liberation struggle whose accomplishment cannot be credited to an individual, but rather the imperturbable collective effort of the slogging sons and daughters of the land some fallen and some still living.

President Mnangagwa and many others are some of these living Cdes who are marshalling the legacy of the liberation struggle forward.

The struggle transcends individuals. We are cognisant of a cabal that iniquitously attempted to skyjack the revolution by exploiting the advanced age of the former president, during his last days in office which led to the party restructuring itself. Surprisingly, it is the same characters that wanted to steal the revolution from its vanguard, that you speak on behalf.

On more critical analysis, Julius, we forgive you because you sold out revolutionary ANC and formed your own party. You are now a liability to the struggle waged by Zanu-PF and ANC and what you say, confirms it.

Zanu-PF regenerated itself legally and that cannot certainly be called tormenting as you allege, but putting the party's legacy on track and righting the wrongs. Even after his resignation, the Government ensured that the former president is well looked after. His security was intact, and medical bills were paid for by the State (refer to statements by his children).

Even his extended relatives were taken care of (refer to Grace's mother assistance). During your days in the ANC and your new out-of-sorts party EFF, you recalled Thabo Mbeki and none said that it was tormenting since you were bringing normalcy.

If it was a necessary thing to be done then your assertions which paint a gory picture of torment are uncalled for at a time when we are supposed to building our nation. You will do yourself a lot of favour Julius, by maturing as a politician and an African and stop grandstanding.

Tendai Chirau is the National Secretary for Administration ZANU (PF) Youth League.

Source - Tendai Chirau
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