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Dear Strive Masiyiwa

30 Sep 2019 at 22:10hrs | Views
I greet you cordially.
I just want to let you know that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and President ED are moving fast to destroy your cash cow Ecocash. It has come to my attention that they banned cash-in, cash-out and cash-back transections with immediate effect. I am also aware that Kwese TV was shutdown because of foreign currency crisis. The purpose of this piece is to check on whether you still support the idea that President ED is SINCERE and a God given Zimbabwean leader.

I still remember that Professor Jonathan Moyo warned you against hugging our common devil and is the one credited for calling you a Bond Note Billionaire. This was after you blessed the coup by telling the World that President ED is SINCERE and a legitimate leader. President ED grabbed power via coup and inherited a country that had a lot of US$s on the market. The rate of Bond Note against US$ was 1:1. When he inherited the country, Zimbabwe had enough electricity and piped water in urban areas was there. Today, the rate is (US-Bond) 1:20 and you are no longer a billionaire but a trillionnaire. There is no electricity for residential and industrial use as of now and the urbanites do not have water to throw away their waste.

As long as President ED and ZANU-PF are leading, you should not expect progress in your businesses. You are in fact going to close some entities of your businesses. Losing Kwese TV and Ecocash in a space of less than six months is a bad signal to your empire and Zimbabwe business community. Zimbabweans need people like you to call a spade a spade or remain in hibernation. Thomas Mkanya Mapfumo is poor because he chose to stand with the people while other celebrities are standing with President ED and ZANU-PF.
Zimbabweans will never forgive you for labeling President ED and ZANU-PF SINCERE. When they face serious economic challenges (like now), they remember the word SINCERE. You should come out and recant your position on President ED. I think you are aware that there is no ZESA, piped water etc. in Zimbabwe. How do you feel after telling the entire World that President ED is SINCERE? There is no hope and evidence that President is capable of turning around the Zimbabwean economy.

Mr. Masiyiwa, how can you label President ED to be a SINCERE person when Grace Mugabe and family are of the opposite view? If in fact President ED is SINCERE, why was Robert Mugabe buried when he was not there? Why did they bury him with an iron proof casket? Why did they not accept an offer for him to be buried at the national shrine? The burial of Robert Mugabe has exposed the SINCERITY of President ED and there are rumors that ZANU-PF wants to take back the Blue Roof.

The business community in Zimbabwe should stand up against President ED and ZANU-PF or risk losing their businesses.  Where are the business people who used to trade fuel? Life has changed and they are no longer safe. They need to come out of their comfort zone and confront President ED. As long as ED and ZANU-PF are on steering, there won't be a meaningful business in Zimbabwe.

Don Chigumba can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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