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Why I support sanctions

23 Oct 2019 at 18:58hrs | Views
People should stop falling for this ZANU PF anti-sanctions nonsense.

ZANU PF kills people, rapes, abuses us and loots the state to the point of collapse. Then when others, in the community of nations refuse to do business with them, they start a chorus claiming, '...sanctions are hurting us'. That illogical and empty chorus has finally gotten into the heads of some of our brothers and sisters. It's now causing them to start doubting themselves and leading them to buy into the ZANU PF nonsense about sanctions? Yet the truth is, what needs to be removed first are the ZANU PF sanctions they imposed on us since 1980. That's where the sanctions discourse should begin.

Otherwise, we should ask; Was it the sanctions that caused ZANU PF to lynch our people and caused the Gukurahundi Genocide? Was it sanctions that possessed ZANU PF to kill my father, rape my sisters and maim my village, simply because they are Ndebele? Were they possessed by sanctions when they did all that? Did sanctions cause ZANU PF to kill people in the 2008 post-election violence? Did sanctions cause ZANU PF to cause Operation Murambatsvina? Did sanctions actually cause ZANU PF to loot US$15 Bln from the sale of Diamonds and to loot the entire Marange Diamonds? Is it Sanctions that's causing Mnangagwa to literally loot Honorary Degrees, as he is doing right now, all in the name of some pretentious intellectualism? Is it sanctions that caused the Coup in Nov 2017, and brought us Chiwenga, Mnangagwa and all those stupid leaders? Is it sanctions that caused ZANU PF to kill citizens on 1 August 2018? Is it sanctions that caused ZANU PF to kill, maim and rape ordinary citizens in January 2019. Is it sanctions
that are causing Mnangagwa to hire an expensive jet/plane all the way from France, just to pick him up from Harare and fly him for a 45-50mins trip to Bulawayo when hospitals and schools are under resourced? Come on, guys...Nkosi Tshuma

I think it's time we reflect on all these issues. This ZANU PF anti-sanctions nonsense must be rejected! After all, where were these African leaders who are yapping around about these so called sanctions when all the things I listed above where happening? This nonsense must stop!

Source - Brilliant Mhlanga
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