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Not doing well at O-Level is not the end of the world

30 Jan 2020 at 10:12hrs | Views
Horticulture is a quick turnaround farming venture and the farmer is always 'liquid', living good in good living.

Mr Walter Murinyu is a youthful horticulturist into growing tomatoes by the shores of Ruya Dam in Chinehasha area of Chiweshe in Mash. Central.  

His tomato crop needs no accolades as the crop is visibly good and the produce now selling like hot cakes. 'Tomatoes telling their own story', the young farmer is no stranger to profitable farming since he also grows potatoes, butternuts, cucumbers and vegetables not forgetting king onions for that unique French flavour in most dishes.

Many young people in Chiweshe are reputable farmers with most into growing the globally recognized tobacco. Zimbabwean tobacco is said to have a unique flavour that is pleasing to smokers, should we call it a Zimbabwean climatic signature?

There is always a future for those who did not do well at O-Level. Farming can be a rewarding career and better still, one can try again and rewrite the exam. There is no harm in falling the problem comes when you do not rise again.

Rushing into marriage may not be the best option, they will falter those who hurry especially for the girl child. Market gardening is very profitable, those growing vegetables are also smiling because there is always something in the back pocket.

The seemingly adequate rains are good for sweet potato farming, with sweet potatoes we can beat the alarming bread prices by resorting to eating potatoes for breakfast and between meals. Why sit and 'cry', leave the chair and go farming.

Days of 'just house wives' have long been gone.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa.
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