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Should the elderly push and shove to be in front of queues?

05 Feb 2020 at 17:23hrs | Views
Most countries have selected exemptions and benevolence 'packages' for those sixty years and above. At one time there was talk of free rides on Zupco buses, no standing in queues for whatever service it be buying electricity tokens, casting votes or entering a stadium to watch your favourite team playing.

What is government policy with regards the welfare of the elderly lot? For example I stay in Mashonaland Central Province and I am sixty-one years old, not easy feat in these times of incurable diseases and numerous cronic ailments.

All credit and praise goes to the Almighty God for sparing my life and letting me see another day till kingdom come. However, since settling down in the countryside I am treated and seen like any citizen, teens and those in their prime.

I must brave the heat and the rains like anyone queuing for whatever has come under the various food aid programmes, that is if I am lucky enough to be on the list of those getting.

Otherwise, its always waiting for next time that more often than not, does not come. Remember the elderly are now hard of hearing and can not push and shove to get to the front.

They are slow in speech and jelly-kneed. Why not serve the old people first and let them go home to rest?

Of course I still want to know what government policy is with regards to the welfare of the sixties and above. Is there any food programme where qualification is by old age?

If yes, which ones please help!

Gabarinocheka. Chideu Village. Mazowe District.

Source - Gabarinocheka
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