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The three pendulums of Zimbabwean politics

28 Jun 2020 at 09:58hrs | Views
The names Mugabe, Mujuru and Mnangagwa have hogged the headlines of Zimbabwean politics for over a century collectively. The three have nothing to show for the hectares of space that their names have occupied for that combined over a century. Despite having nothing to offer for the past donkey years, one is baffled by their obtuse and ill-educated intransigence to continue wanting to occupy the country's political space beyond 2018!!!

The founding of Zanu in 1963 was disgusting episode in the country's history that the populace would love to forget. Apart from the tribal undertones of their split from nationalist Zapu, the Zanu group included a knave by the name of Robert who with the aid of self-seeking accomplices and rent-seeking renegades such as the Mujurus and Mnangagwa, later brought the country's once vibrant economy on its knees. Mugabe's late mother Bona hinted that he used to steal mice from contemporaries during his early days in Zvimba communal lands since he was lazy to dig for himself. He later extrapolated such selfish behaviour to the national stage.

The formation of Zanu was a tribal plot to pull the rug from Zapu which was led by a Ndebele, Joshua Nkomo. Mugabe was one of the leaders of the breakaway Zanu from Zapu. Around 1967, Solomon Mujuru one of the commanders of Zipra, Zapu's military wing was lured to the Zanla group leaving the likes of Cain Mathema Ndebeles at Zipra. This commenced the Mujuru hegemony which the wife and heir to the Mujuru empire wants to extend beyond the 2014 expiry date that her godfather Mugabe had set for her. With Solomon Mujuru and Mugabe comfortably ensconced within Zanu's crème de la crème, a number of hitherto unexplained unpleasant events took place within  what has become a cult. There was that coup de grace which Ndabaningi Sithole lost leadership to Mugabe. Then there were deaths of Mugabe rivals to power Herbert Chitepo and later Josiah Tongogara. Coincidentally, it was during the same period that the other Mugabe derivative who still wants to extend his political life by hook and crook, Emmerson Mnangagwa also rose to prominence.

At the dawn of independence Mugabe took the most powerful post on the land, prime minister, Solomon Mujuru was appointed the general of the country's armed forces, Joice Mujuru the youngest cabinet minister while Mnangagwa  was appointed minister of state security. What more political and bling would you expect of a clique? Then there came the blood Gukurahundi episode of the 1908s during which Mugabe vowed to decimate the Ndebele tribe to nil on feigned grounds of terrorism abated by none other Joshua Nkomo. His lieutenants the Mujurus and Mnangagwa were there sitting comfortably in plush offices in Harare and ever ready to support their dear leader in his knew found battle ground of Matabeleland! Zanu insiders claim that Solomon Mujuru was the only other person apart from Edgar Tekere who could stop Mugabe from his self-succession gambit. That the Gukurahundi genocide was performed with maximum cruelty when in fact Solomon headed the army is on its own evidence that the late general also subscribed to the idea of destroying tribe. Yet three decades on and after his own mysterious killing, his widow wants us to believe that he was recalled from military training in Pakistan to assuage the genocide!!! Let alone her claim that she wanted to investigate the killings should the Ndebeles had voted her into power in 2018. The genocide represents a very dark episode of the country's history and the reason why the political class of the Mugabes, Mujuru and Mnangagwa do not want to relinquish the reins of power lest prosecution.

The 1980 closed with the major thieving incident of post-independent Zimbabwe, the Willowgate scandal. Whereas it spelt the end of the life of Maurice Nyagumbo and wrote the political obituaries of Enos Nkala and Dzingai Mutumbuka, the other beneficiary Solomon Mujuru managed to soldier on being the fierce soldier that he was. Meanwhile, his wife was enjoying the posting from one ministry to another the couple enjoying the fruits of independence by hook and crook! Solomon was retired from the army in 1990 but continued to hold immense political clout through his being a member of the Zanu's politburo.

There was a time in 1997 when the veterans of the liberation demanded their dues for participating in the 1970s struggle which had allegedly squandered by none other than Solomon Mujuru. As if that theft was not enough, his wife Joice claimed a level of disability that would suit someone already buried at Chinyamungororo heroes acres next to Solomon's home in Sadza. When the outcry for the loot grew louder, she decided to reimburse part of the loot, at least we were told. When Strive Masiyiwa applied for a licence to operate a cellular network during Joice's tenure at the communications ministry, such was spurned instead being awarded to a consortium that included Solomon and James Makamba a Mujuru relative. It was not until Nkomo intervened and branded senile by Mujuru that Masiyiwa could launch his Econet!!

The madness of the three pendulums could only come to full swing after the founding of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in 1999. Having resolved to grab farms belonging to white farmers as a punishment for their supporting of the fledging opposition party the Zanu launched the country on a hunger spree that continues unabated hitherto. Mnangagwa was appointed speaker of parliament in 2000. As a reward for his holding such a powerful post, it is claimed that he got anything up to eleven farms and innumerable farm equipment. Not to be outdone, the Mujurus also got to loot, the most contentious of their loot being the Alamein farm in Beatrice whereat Solomon was later allegedly killed. The court ruled that the modus operandi of acquiring that farm was illegitimate yet the latest claimant to the Zimbabwean state house, Joice is still holding on it by hook or by crook. The Mugabes also grabbed large swathes of productive land in Mazowe which they turned into Grace's orphanage! Talk of philanthropy? The Dinka proverb goes like fighting brothers should not break the water pot. That the Zanu top three saw no problem in destroying Zimbabwe's agriculture is a graphic illustration of their combined folly.

Soon Joice was to be elevated to the vice presidency following to the baboon-loving carpenter-cum-vice president, Vengai Muzenda. In a decade of unworthy drama of deceit and dissimulation, Joice went on to try and convince us her government had made the discovery of the Jatropha plant which she claimed could spell the end to our fuel woes as a country. Alas, she knew that she was hoodwinking the fools (the masses) effectively disguising their dismay at the incessant fuel shortages. With Solomon, the diamond loving Mujuru couple had a significant stake in the Chiyadzwa diamond fields in Manicaland (they already owned Auridium mine outside Beitbridge). From Mrs Mujuru's claim, it is estimated that at least 3,5 billion worth of diamonds that were sold through the DRC. What boggles the mind is that after her official cashiering from  Zanu, she is now blaming putting the looting on Mugabe and Obert Mpofu! As if the Zanu mismanagement of economy was not enough, Joice was at it again this time selling the fraudulent Zanu manifesto, ZimAsset of which maybe she also did not understand. Talk of dubiously acquired doctorates from the University of Zimbabwe and the culprits a Mugabe (Grace) and a Mujuru (Joice).

Though Mugabe died a grovelling and pathetic wreck in his second home Singapore, Mugabeism looms large with his dynasty seemingly down but not out. Wife Grace is still being touted to harbour return to power. Tyson Wabantu (I wonder which people) does not shy away from his love for the departed despot. Ousted Mzembi still sings the praises of Mugabe as are Mugabe's nephews Zhuwawo and Chidhakwa. Mnangagwa has clinched power by hook or crook and is forecasting to be still there in 2030 when he will be 87 years old. Meanwhile the economy is literally on its knees with inflation scaling to almost 1000%. With her wife Auxillia having tested the glory of gracing the front page of the Herald and Sunday Mail daily in day out, well who can stop ED of dreaming big?

The nauseating aspect of it all is that the three pendulums, despite having offered nothing positive to the country Zimbabwe for a combined century, still want to tick on at the at the helm of the country! Mujuru gave a very vague statement for asking the nation for forgiveness but fell short of giving details of the grounds on which she should be forgiven, let alone return her loot. It appears that our own hope at the present moment is the MDC Alliance which in a period of four years (2009-2013) managed to revive the country's moribund economy than contemplating returning and or retaining the three pendulums of Zimbabwean politics. That the party is allegedly impecunious is neither here nor there for the misfortunes of a wise man are better than the fortunes of a fool.  After all political parties are not financial services entities which are supposed to be awash with cash but rather vaults of ideas to move nations forward especially through promulgating policies that bring in investment which Mugabe, Mujuru and Mnangagwa fought tooth and nail to expel over the years. Anyone thinking of keeping the three hypocrites in political limelight should be scanned of the Corona virus.

Joseph "Joe Slovo" Mupokosera is a member of the MDC Alliance writing in a personal capacity

Source - Joseph 'Slovo' Mupokosera
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