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Van Choga key to Zimbabwe's true liberation from Mnangagwa

07 Jul 2020 at 18:25hrs | Views
There comes a time in a revolution when an unlikely figure is called to lead his/her people out of the cycle of oppression. Valentine Simbarashe Choga, aka Van Choga is one such hero. Unknowingly, the highly energetic and ever-gyrating dancehall musician has started a movement, a movement so strong that its influence is permeating all strata of the Zimbabwean society.

Van Choga, has ignited passion in many a Zimbabwean. He is an ambassador in exposing the failure of the ZANU PF government. His guts to come out and express himself using self-deprecating art is a commendable form of rebellion that many are not willing to pursue.

A Ruwa-based young man, born on the 11th of May 1993, Van Choga has unleashed himself to the world with an act as a mentally-tormented individual. His lyrics are full of timely wisdom and his musical prowess in undisputed, but his choice of character symbolises the pain and anguish of average Zimbabweans.

For the past 40 years, Zimbabwean citizens have exhibited unparalleled levels of tolerance, grit and adaptability. They have endured rigged elections, genocides like Gukurahundi, corruption, rampant inflation, nepotism, food shortages, Murambatsvina among other atrocities.

Their human rights have been trampled upon, they cannot plan for anything due to policy instability as personified by Mthuli Ncube's sinusoidal behaviour in the country's finance office.

Despite these hardships, Zimbabweans have maintained their peace-loving nature. This good trait of the populace is the one being exploited by the evil ZANU PF regime.
Watch  a video of Van Choga below:

My psychologist friend tells me that, a people who are oppressed always find ways of coping with their situation, no wonder why Zimbabweans are quick to make fun of their situation. Citizens have been terrorized to such an extent that they have resorted to being chameleons who camouflage themselves according to ZANU-PF induced prevailing conditions.

Zimbabweans have been turned into shape-shifters who can endure any form of atrocity with a smile and a plan. Many have evoked the exit plan to other countries. Self-deprecating comic relief is one way of coping with the situation. It is an escape from reality.

Van Choga, in a recent interview, said he does not take any drugs and is a pure artist who is conveying a powerful message through his musical performances. I commend him for his mission to be heard.

As long as citizens do not realise that Van Choga is showing them the way through his artistic talent, they will suffer for a very long time under the yoke of ZANU PF. Van Choga had nothing to lose, thus he took an outlier of a character to tell the world of his daily struggles.

It is paramount that every Zimbabwean citizen has guts like Van Choga and speak against corruption, against abuses of human rights, property rights, and everything that has led us to this point as a country.

Some democracy-loving Zimbabweans have called for an anti-corruption march on the 31st of July, it is important that we all do something to ensure that this is a success.

Do whatever you can from today until the day Van Choga leads us to true liberation. There is a Van Choga in everyone, let your Van Choga come out for the sake of your great-grandchildren who will ask what you did to help the country liberate itself from the corrupt regime. History is made every day, make history today by denouncing evil.

Disclaimer: This article was written without any consultation with Van Choga. This is an independent assessment of the Zimbabwean situation

Source - Edzai Zvobwo
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