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High time Chamisa chose a jacket that fits him

25 Nov 2019 at 06:28hrs | Views
"A jack of all trades is a master of none" is an old English adage that simply means a person cannot be an expert in all things. This saying should be rung in Mr Chamisa's ears as he is currently biting more than he can chew.

Mr Chamisa wants to be a politician, a pastor and an advocate, career paths which are worlds apart. History has shown that Chamisa is a serious attention seeker and power-hungry person who wants everything to revolve around him.

This is proven by his attempts to deal with serious issues that he knows nothing about, a case in point being his purported Hope for the Nation Address scheduled for Wednesday last week. It's high time Mr Chamisa is advised to only stick to issues he is well versed in as he has continued to show signs of immaturity in everything he engages himself in.

If there is anything Chamisa needs to quit quickly, then its politics. Politics has proved to be a game beyond Mr Chamisa's capacity and comprehension. During his entire political career, Chamisa has suffered humiliating defeats in pivotal elections exposing his lack of political stamina and strategy.

First it was Douglas Mwonzora who beat him for the post of secretary-general in 2014. The defeat relegated him to a card-carrying member of the MDC-T only to be plucked from the political dustbin by the benevolence of Morgan Tsvangirai.

The now late MDC-T leader had to throw the party's constitution to the dogs in order to accommodate Chamisa into the opposition party's presidium. Four years after the defeat to Mwonzora, Chamisa found himself being drubbed again by President Mnangagwa in the 2018 Presidential election.

This defeat left him shattered as he went on to describe his own supporters as "stupid".

The numerous political blunders Chamisa continues to commit are a testimony of his inexperience when it comes to politics. At one time, he pledged his own sister to President Mnangagwa in the event the incumbent got 5 percent of the 2018 Presidential vote.

It is clear that he regards women as sex objects that don't have control of their destiny. Chamisa's chauvinistic attitude towards women reached the tipping point when he humiliated his own wife by snatching the microphone from her before she could complete her address, clearly implying her purported "inability" to deliver a coherent speech.

The scenario left many women activists calling for Chamisa to step down as the leader of the opposition outfit as his treatment of women was not fit for a leader. However, women activists should be reminded that humiliating and meting violence against women is Chamisa's hobby. At Tsvangirai's funeral, Chamisa knew for a fact that he would not stand a chance if elections for the new president of the party were to be conducted "freely and fairly".

He quickly anointed himself party president and unleashed violent thugs on Thokozani Khupe, his perceived potential challenger, in order for him to consolidate his ill-gotten power. Chamisa and his thugs threatened to burn Khupe in the hut she had taken refuge only to be rescued by the vigilant police.

All this was being done by someone who calls himself a pastor, a man of   God. Chamisa is a trained pastor with the Living Waters Theological Seminary. Although he is an ordained pastor in the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM), Chamisa must not be found near the pulpit as he lacks the moral compass to do so. His appetite for lying disqualifies him from being a dignified pastor. Exodus 20:16 clearly says: "Do not testify falsely against your neighbour".

Chamisa has repeatedly broken this rule. Remember the famous "Patakasangana naTrump" statement which he went on to deny on the BBC Hardtalk when he was grilled by the merciless Stephen Sackur.

Chamisa's lies are too numerous to mention. But the biggest lie is when he insinuated that he had won the 2018 Presidential election. He failed to substantiate this lie when given the chance to do so. Ma V 11 akashaikwa.

To date he continues to make false claims that he won the elections and President Mnangagwa is "illegitimate", a lie which does not have legs to stand on as he desperately wants to dialogue with the very same person he does not recognise.

A pastor who lies is a disgrace to his flock. Again a pastor who is an architect of violence is doomed and should be nowhere near God's people. People who look up to such a pastor for spiritual guidance are destined for doom. If Chamisa wants to be a pastor, then he must snatch the moniker Comic Pastor from Prosper Ngomashi as he is more of a comedian than a pastor.

But can a man who has dismally failed in politics and pastoral duties be a lawyer of repute? Chamisa claims to be a qualified lawyer. However, his track record as a lawyer is not a rosy one.

In 2015, Chamisa was part of the Zuva Petroleum legal team that defended the company against a Supreme Court challenge by a group of former managers.

Thanks to Chamisa's efforts, Zuva won the case triggering massive job losses for thousands of employees. This was despite Chamisa's repeated bragging that his party was founded on the values of protecting the workers from unfair treatment by their employers.

This writer's advice to Chamisa is that he should quit politics, pastoral duties and dismiss himself as an advocate as his failure rate is glaring. Chamisa is a disgrace to the opposition politics of Zimbabwe and politics has proven to be a game beyond his capacity.

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