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How to live in divine health and wealth

08 Nov 2019 at 16:17hrs | Views
Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. (3 John 1:2)

The Bible is a fact book that details the kind of life which a Christian is entitled to. The new testament clearly spells out that the promises done in the old Testament are fulfilled in Christ Jesus and all the Christian have access to the now!

If we read the above verse, we get to understand that God wants a Christian to live after the order of the Lord Jesus Christ where they do not get sick or live in lack.

Let me unpack for you from the Bible about how God wants you to live in good health and prosperity.

Before I move further I would like to say that when I began Ministry I was preaching the divine Healing message as taught in the Bible.

As I studied the scriptures further I got the revelation that Divine Health is a fact and you are entitled to it!

Yes! You are divine health belongs to you can you believe it?

As a Christian the Bible promises you that you have the ability to live without getting any sickness at all in your and that is a higher level of revelation from divine healing.

Can you imagine that I have lived 27 years without taking any medication or going to any doctor since I grasped this revelation and you also can do it.

The Bible says by His stripes we were healed! This means we were healed long back so that when we accept Him into our heart, we leave a God kind of life.

The God kind of life that Jesus gave us is called ZOE in the Greek language and is translated eternal life in the bible.

Jesus came to give you ZOE, a life free of sickness and poverty!

The package of salvation includes prosperity and divine health and that belongs to you today!

One thing that you must understand is that Jesus Christ lives in the inside of you and the Kingdom of Heaven is inside you. The body says is the full manifestation of the Godhead. Imagine the whole Godhead dwells in you, where can sickness and poverty dwell?

Let us observe the lives of Father Abraham and King David, these mean lived in good health and prosperity and their businesses flourished and they used they wealth to support the Kingdom of God.

During their times God will communicate with them but he never dwelt inside them. You and I live in a dispensation that is higher than them where God dwells in you. All the glory of Heaven is in you. Wealth and Health are your divine portion. You must flourish in them.

I am running a business that is successful because God wants every Christian to use the blessings to advance the Kingdom of God.

I pray that you grasp this revelation and begin to walk in the supernatural manifestations of good health and prosperity that God ordained for you before the foundations of the earth were laid!

Do not miss my next instalment where I will be teaching on How a Christian can prosper. Emmanuel.

Source - Prophet Joseph
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