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Sports betting and gambling: Zimbabwe vs the USA

by Staff Writer
16 Oct 2019 at 10:03hrs | Views
Gambling and betting are heavily banned in South Africa for a long time. According to Wikipedia, South Africa has been hard for gambling since 1673. While betting on horse racing is considered a sports activity. However, several countries in the continent are opening their doors for betting and gambling but in most of the area of SA, it is still prohibited. Even in some regions, online gambling is banned.
But one of the prominent countries of South Africa - Zimbabwe is considered to be the hub of gambling in the continent. The policies of Zimbabwe are more liberal compared to other neighbor nations. It has several licensed land-based casinos and licenses licensed sports betting spots. But when we talk about the sports betting and gambling aspect with the USA, there is much more difference in here. In the USA, bettors can easily get sport betting lines at 888 sportsbook but in Zimbabwe, bettors are fonder of horse racing bets than online sports betting. Let's take a look at the sports betting scene in the USA and Zimbabwe and how they differ.

Gambling need: Zimbabwe VS the USA
The USA has Las Vegas which is known to be the gambling capital in the world today. The USA is a developed country and the revenue through gambling is way more than any other country. Nevada, Atlantic City, Louisiana, and other parts of the country have complete legalized gambling casino and tourists are the primary visitors of these places. While in Zimbabwe on the other side has limited tourism and that's why beside safari, diverse wildlife, reserves and many other things, the country thought of gambling as another spot attraction for tourists and government can have some more revenue. The regulation and policies on gambling in both countries are incomparable as the USA is more liberal to the betting and gambling while Zimbabwe is in its way.

Why the USA and Zimbabwe have legalized betting and gambling?

It's not that gambling is legal in the whole US. Some states like Atlanta have strict eyes on gambling and betting. Legalization betting in both the countries has the same reason that is, if the government wouldn't do it then the underground business may do it and the government won't get even a penny. Zimbabweans somehow depends on the gambling and the nation also seeks the financial aid from the legalization of gambling & betting. But still, the regulations on gambling in both countries have vast differences as the USA is more liberal and has a wider place for bettors while Zimbabwe is emerging and establishing some good online and offline platforms for the gamblers.

Online Sports Betting and Gambling
Online sports betting is more popular in the USA than in any other country. Easy availability of the internet and vast numbers of service providers have made online gambling and online betting more popular. On the other side, Zimbabwe citizens are less interested in gambling. The reason behind this thing could be the fewer number of internet users. But people can get sports odds before placing the bets. The lack of internet facilities is stopping online gambling to become the next big thing in Zimbabwe. In this comparison, the USA is much more advanced than Zimbabwe or other nations.

Sports Betting and Casinos
In the US, after the rise of online betting and online casinos, people are gambling more through online platforms but in developing countries like Zimbabwe, land-based casinos and land-based sportsbooks are more popular due to lack of internet facility. Though land-based casinos of Zimbabwe can't be compared with the ones in Las Vegas, the USA they have their own charm in a domestic way.
Talking about sports betting, Zimbabwe has horse racing, Cricket, and MMA as some of the favorite options while the USA has Football, NBA, Soccer and many other wider options.

We can say that Zimbabwe is emerging as the new hub of land-based as well as online gambling. Though the USA has more resources but Zimbabwe is trying to make available all kind of casino games to its land-based platforms until online sports betting and online gambling become popular.
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