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Zimbabwe National Football Team (The Warriors)

by Staff Writer
10 Oct 2019 at 14:16hrs | Views
National Zimbabwe's football team, The Warriors, represents their country in an international football game and is governed by the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA), also known as the Football Association of Rhodesia. The team has never qualified for the World Cup final but has qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations four times.

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Southern Rhodesia played its first official match against England's Amateur National Football team in June 1929 as part of their tour of South Africa and Rhodesia. Southern Rhodesia won their first two matches 4â€"0 and 6â€"1 against England respectively. Earlier only white roadies were selected for the national football team but after 1965 the team became multi-racial. In 1969, Rhodesia participated in the Confederation of African Football 1970 FIFA World Cup Qualification Tournament. This was his first attempt to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. Unlike the team being seen as a representative team of white Rhodesians, the team was multi-racial including black players. He was pitted against Australia's national football team. Both legs were held in Lorenco Marques, Portuguese Mozambique as the Rhodesian team was unable to obtain an Australian visa. Rhodesia drew the first leg 1â€"1, but lost 3â€"1 in the second leg, thus eliminating Rhodesia from qualification.

In 1980, after restructuring the country like Zimbabwe, he played his first FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Cameroon's football team for 11 years. However, they went on to lose 2â€"1 overall after a 1â€"0 win in the first leg at Salisbury and a 2â€"0 defeat in the second leg. Subsequently, the country passed a law that those holding a British passport would not be allowed to hold a Zimbabwean passport, meaning players such as goalkeeper Bruce Grobbella were not selected to the national team for 10 years. Following a change in policy, which allows Grobbella to play for Zimbabwe, who entered the country on his British passport, a match away from qualifying for the 1994 FIFA World Cup with Zimbabwean manager Rehard Fabrik? However, they lost their last qualifying match to Cameroon.

Back in the year 2004, Zimbabwe, for the first time qualified Africa Cup of Nations. During his first match against Egypt, his former anthem "Ishe Combora Africa" was mistakenly played instead of "Simudzai Mureja Vedu Zimbabwe", an act which was reported by Information Minister Jonathan Moyo as "the organizers of demoralizing our boys” A cheap effort ". In 2015, the Zimbabwean national football team was banned from participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, qualifying due to unpaid loans to former coach, Jose Claudini.

After winning Group G, Zimbabwe qualified for the 2019 African Cup of Nations. They will play the opening match with the hosts, Egypt. And then will play DR Congo (which Zimbabwe defeated 2â€"1 in Group G) and Uganda.

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