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5 powerful Instagram marketing strategies no company should ignore

by Staff writer
26 Oct 2019 at 09:23hrs | Views
Instagram was created as a simple photo-sharing app, but all this changed after companies saw the potential it has in marketing their brands to potential clients. Crawling with marketers and influencers, Instagram has become one of the major social media marketing platforms currently available.

Why Choose Instagram for Marketing?

With over 500 million daily users, this app has one of the best potentials to help a company tap into a large number of users and use them to sell their brand. Some of the other statistics to back up this claim include;

•    The app has over 25 million business accounts, of which 2 million of them push for advertisements monthly
•    53% of Instagram users follow their favorite companies or brands
•    44% of users use the app to discover new brands and for research purposes

Now that it is clear that Instagram can be used as a powerful marketing tool, it is paramount to take a look at how to go about it. Here is an in-depth guide on five powerful Instagram marketing strategies no company should ignore.

1.    Switch to Business Account

Marketing a brand using your personal account can be okay, especially if you have thousands and millions of followers. However, switching to a business account will offer you more options to help market your brand to a broader audience. Some of the benefits of switching to a business account include the ability of your followers to contact you directly by a click of a button, just as they would from the website.
Ads can be created and promoted on the platform, hence reaching a far much larger audience, and not just your followers. Optimizing your business account is not as easy as it seems though. A lot of thought has to put in it. For further assistance, one can reach out to companies such as, which have more experience in optimizing Instagram accounts for brands.

2.    Use Instagram's free tools.

A business account can access analytic tools, called Insights, to view different statistics concerning engagement data, impressions, etc. Furthermore, one can get a breakdown of the demographics of their followers based on gender, age, location, and many more. This is a significant boost for business owners as they can tweak their approach to accommodate such people.
3.    Don't overwhelm your followers.

As a business owner, you will want to post on Instagram just enough to stay relevant. On the other hand, you don't want to post too frequently that the followers might feel that you are always on their face. There is no magic formula for how much one should post in a day, as it all based on trial and error.
For a start, you can limit it to two posts in a day, all at different times. Take keen concern on the one which receives more engagement and build on that. With time, based on the interaction you receive from the followers, you will know how much content to post in a day, and at what intervals.
4.    Post product teasers to urge people to buy them

One can annoy their followers by bombarding them with too many adverts. Pushing your brand should be done in a clever way, which should not seem like you are desperate. Posting product teasers will simply talk about your product, increasing excitement about it without sounding pushy at the same time.
5.    Partner with influences for a wider reach

The fastest and easiest way to gain more action on your posts is to partner with influencers who already have a broader audience reach. Doing so, your brand will be seen by both their followers and yours, in the end, increasing your audience.

There has never been a better time to start leveraging on the marketing potential of Instagram. These five super tips will get anyone started. However, for better management of your Instagram business account, it is wiser to reach out to professionals such as onetwostream and increase not only your follower base but also engagement.
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