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Types of translation services available online

by Staff Writer
05 Nov 2019 at 16:33hrs | Views
A translator is a professional who is dedicated to the written translation of all kinds of texts and can specialize in different fields. How many types of translation exist and what are their characteristics? Below we offer a list organized by categories and subcategories to understand the different professional paths that a translator can take.

Literary translation


Translation of literary texts written in prose such as stories, novels, and plays. In addition to preserving the meaning of the original text, its objective is to maintain the form, style, and voice of the author. It requires a high level of creativity and recursion, as well as excellent writing skills by the translator.


Translation of poems, poems, and other literary works written in verse. You should consider aspects such as rhyme, rhythm, metrics, and cadence. It is perhaps one of the most difficult types of translation to carry out successfully.

Commercial Translation

Marketing and publicity

Translation of advertising texts such as brochures, promotional materials, and websites for companies, as well as advertising and commercial campaigns for products or services. Creativity and knowledge of the receiving public by the translator are fundamental notions. Its biggest challenge is to assimilate culturally specific elements and transfer them to another language and culture.

Location and transcreation

Adaptation of an advertising message to a specific local market. They combine translation, copywriting and marketing skills. They consist of completely rewriting the texts to adapt them to the cultural and linguistic specificities of the receiving public.

Music translation

Translation of operas, musicals, lyrics and videos of songs, among others. It relates largely to literary translation and in particular to the translation of poetry, in terms of elements such as rhythm, rhyme, and musicality. It varies depending on whether the translation was performed to be read or sung.

Translation for international organizations
Translation of documents for United Nations agencies, international institutions, administrative entities, and NGOs, among others. The topics that are handled vary from document to document, from the environment and agriculture to education and protection of children. Contrary to what people think, translators who work for international organizations do not require the official translation seal.

Specialized translation

This category brings together translations of reference or reference texts, which usually handle a language and specialized terminology. It is often intended for a more restricted audience and, unlike other types of translation such as literary or commercial, it serves a practical and non-aesthetic function.

Scientific texts: Texts of medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc.
Financial texts: Reports, corporate balance sheets, bank bulletins, shareholders meeting minutes, etc.
Legal texts: Contracts, agreements, wills, litigation documents, trusts, etc.
Technical texts: Instruction manuals, user guides, patents, datasheets, etc.
Academic texts: Academic articles, essays, dissertations, doctoral theses, etc.
Judicial translation: documents, such as rogatory commissions, proceedings, judgments, expert reports, statements, interrogation records, etc.

Website Translation
Website translation covers a large part of the translation work in the world today. But it's a little different when you have to take into account the context and the general style of the site - instead of a few words. If the translation is done in a CMS (such as WordPress) or even separately, the correction must be done on the site when the translation is in the final phase. And then you have to take SEO (search engine optimization) into consideration.

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