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The world of online casino gaming

by Staff Writer
14 Nov 2019 at 08:21hrs | Views
The generation we belong to had just started to understand something known as computer games. Our generation that would rely heavily on entertainment watching Hanna Barbara's epic creation of Tom & Jerry cartoons or Warner Bros. 'Thunder Cats'. That was entertainment enough for us. As far as computer games were concerned, we only knew of Pac Man, Dave and QBasic Gorillas. That was our world of fascination till we were introduced to Atari, the first home gaming console.

Atari was a revolution and more than a brand name in itself; though the company was founded in 1972, yet the gaming console went through its own turbulent times till it was completely ousted out of the market in 1998. Let's say we saw the big change coming through in the gaming industry, for years we have spent millions and billions on Sony PlayStation only to be taken over by Xbox and then further newer versions that won't support older games. The world of gaming consoles certainly played a part in putting a dent on ours and our parent's pockets.

And now, a decade later, there is a new revolution whereby games have taken the online world by storm. We are the same generation of adults who would once think that cloud storage was a thing of a distant future. And now we are the ones, who are making leaps in technology and using cloud platforms to create online games, structured to play on the internet and the intranet.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Gaming

The world of gaming has taken a complete 360 and continues to grow by 3 folds every year. According to a research study, people who play games are spending an average of seven hours a week which is a rise of almost 19% from last year. These gamers not only play solo games but are now more indulged in multiplayer online team-based games. Online gaming has replaced the power of playing sports outdoors and from children to young adults, you find teenagers and gamers leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. From skipping meals to missing out on sleep, they tend to be growing in numbers with anxiety issues, overconfidence, a lot of rages and most critical is the social awkwardness that comes with a lack of human interaction and socialization. Teenagers and young adults have grown to experience a social fallout which is giving rise to development and personality disorders.

On one end, children and young adults are also exposed to a world of animations, graphics, and imagination that helps them visualize scenarios and predict actions and reactions of what one could expect. People can enjoy a ‘sport' as they like to call it now with the comfort of their homes. No doubt playing games increases the power to think and strategize, but staying at home in front of a screen has its own sets of disadvantages too. Even though online gamers can easily create a pseudo profile, and hide their identity, yet a study carried out by ADL (Anti-Defamation League) found that 65% of online gamers go through ‘severe harassment' when playing games online. No doubt the online gaming world has opened a whole new world of creative professionals springing in the field of graphics, motion graphics, animators, visualizers, storyboard artists, and paid gamers. Never in our wildest of dreams could we imagine during our childhood, that one could be paid to become an online gamer. But the world is an unusual place where one finds good and bad. Amongst the growing trends in gaming, one can also see the rise in popularity for online gamblers, playing on online casinos.

The popularity of Online Casinos

More and more people resorting to Online Casinos

Though offline casinos have been around for centuries, yet the rise in popularity for online casinos is very new. As far as memory recalls, this trend was given rise to when Facebook users could connect with their friends' circle and play online poker and blackjack and get a real thrill out of this.

It is only human nature to feel empowered by winning something, and that too when it comes in monetary terms is a sheer thrill for anyone. I want you to imagine; a young man in his mid-twenties, who has the purchasing power to buy a good steady Android or an Apple phone; is feeling bored. One fine boring evening, he comes across a well designed online casino game. The young man is tempted to try his luck since there is no harm in winning real money.

With a single click on his phone, he is vulnerable to a world of winning huge money. With a click of a button, he can feel what he could once only imagine in movies. So at the comfort of your choice of place, without the need to learn traditional casino etiquettes one can participate. So far, statistics show that the online casino industry has grown by 70% within a span of 2 short years. With the occasional fun spins of slots with a chance to win real money or prize is huge.


With a general rise and use of mobile phones/tablets and laptops, and its affordability, more and more people are resorting to trying their luck at online casinos to spin their luck around.

Bonuses or Free Spins

Most casinos let you bet freely and openly, thus giving bonuses for their multiple players such as free spins with PlayOJO; another newest addition to online casinos licensed and regulated by the UK and Malta government authorities.

All you gotta do is deposit a small amount of 10 pounds and the player receives their funds with 3-5 days. Once the withdrawal is verified the funds are available in your wallet within 24 hours. As a new player, you will receive 1 free spin for every 1 pound.

PlayOJO casino is available in multiple languages mainly (English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish) but is restricted to an audience living in Australia, Denmark, France, Poland, and the United States.

Multiplayer - Virtual Game

So who says that a good gambling game is played solo. PlayOJO is played on a multiplayer level. Online casinos can easily hide their identity and a player can play with pseudo names.

People can avoid showing face and yet receive the same kind of customer service with any kind of help that is required. Though it is extremely important that online casinos maintain a player's identity and secure private data that should not get into any wrong hands. But in one way this can be very harmful as younger players can also play casinos by lying about their age while creating their profile.

Reasons for the growing popularity of online Casinos

Some more reasons for the growing popularity of online casinos is that they tend to be more fast-paced and at times the player feels they are in control of the game as external sources are not hampering the concentration of the player/s. Psychologically anyone betting at a traditional casino is eyed upon, and someone who is constantly losing money or winning is very noticeable and also makes the player very conscious. Whereas with online casinos one is just an online player and with a number of loyalty programs players are encouraged to make frequent bets.

With huge advertising budgets, online gaming attracts its players through celebrity endorsements and promotions. Attracting an audience through glitz and glamour is the oldest method of advertising. With online gaming casino, players gain popularity among the online forever growing community. They even become idols for the online gaming world, which can be a great morale boost.

I feel one of the most critical reasons for online casinos' popularity is that one can learn to climb the ropes and learn the tricks of the game through ‘play money' or what is known as casino online money. There is less at stake before you can start putting in real cash behind online casino games. Online players can take their own time in learning the game through step-by-step tutorials without anything to lose; I feel this is such an important element as a player is not dependant or stigmatized on a social front.

With newer and more interactive interfaces online casinos are here to stay, considering they also hold more value in earning more money with a much lower cost to play with. After all, for online a player certainly does not dress to kill, in order to show their importance and value as in the case of traditional casinos.

The popularity will not subside, but what one can do, is to take precautionary measures or let's just say hold themselves responsible while gambling online. So here are some tips for online players to be aware of as responsible people.

Tips for responsible players

  • First and foremost players should be responsible enough to know and limit themselves to how much and what quantity are they willing to lose before anything. Keep a cap on the amount of money they want to put into online casinos. so they are able to hold themselves back if about to spend more than their own limit.
  • The biggest problem that has always been there even in traditional casinos is players do not have control over when to stop losing or winning. It is at the end of the day a mathematical game and will eventually start to go against your own calculations should you not know when to stop after winning enough or losing enough.
  • Try to take regular breaks - this is highly important to maintain a healthy balance for your body and mind. Stretch your legs, drink some water and leave your room to socialize with family members or go out. Clearing the air and the tension of an intensive game is essential in order to avoid running into long-term anxiety issues.
  • It is at the end of the day a game of chance, which means players are playing against the odds, and it is not 100% skill-based. No matter how much you play or try, you will not be able to find any particular pattern; because there is none. Keep reminding yourself of this fact! That is the real reality eevn for online casinos.
  • You know how we always say ‘negative' only attracts negative. Well, it is true for anything, especially when it comes to playing games. Avoid playing like a plague if feeling a little low or under the weather. Something like casinos is addictive and playing just to keep your mind off your worries is not a cure nor a solution.
  • Just like online gaming is entertainment for teenagers and young adults these days, online casino games need not be your only source of entertainment. Maintaining a balance in lifestyle with online as well as offline entertainment along with some concrete human interaction is a must for any human development and well being.
  • Just like any other entertainment or any other game, the sole purpose is for its online publishers to make money. The more a player plays, the more money they make. But, if one indulges in this activity as a way of making money, or making this a source of income, then no one is at a loss except for the player. Certain mind and body checks are most essential to maintain sanity.


All in all, the online gaming world a multi-billion dollar industry that will only continue to grow, especially when we humans have turned ourselves into couch potatoes. With the sharp rise in technology and now VR and AI being accessible to a wider general audience, this industry will only continue to grow. if you are indulging in online games and casinos is your pick, try to subscribe to ethical casino platforms that offer 100% transparency to its players, something like the free spins of PlayOJO that offers multiple arrays of games to choose from. Happy gaming till we meet again! Adios!!
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