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Things to check before selecting a Dedicated Hosting Service

by Staff Writer
19 Nov 2019 at 13:10hrs | Views
A dedicated hosting service gives you the luxury of having your own dedicated server with all of its resources available to you only. It will offer numerous benefits for large sites with impressive traffic levels. However, you need to pay attention to a number of points to select the best dedicated hosting service for your website. Here are a few things to remember:

Choice of OS
In other words, you should pick a dedicated hosting solution only if they let you decide on which operating system you need to run your site. You may have applications that function well only when they are used on a specific operating system. Therefore, you should be able to pick an OS to avoid any compatibility issues.

Server Configuration System
You're opting for a dedicated server because you have the technical expertise to manage it well, so it is important to ensure that the service provider offers you the ability to control the system in whatever way you like. You may also want to talk about how to establish SSH/RDP root-level access to take full control of the server configuration system.

Hardware Availability
Understand that you will need specific hardware to fully utilize the potential of dedicated servers, but the hardware can be quite expensive unless the service provider can help you by offering hardware choices. This is where JavaPipe service can make a difference because they don't mind offering the most appropriate hardware to set up and use your dedicated server. By helping you select the right hardware, they can make it possible for you to capitalize on whatever opportunity of growth comes your way.

Control Panel Options
Be sure to discuss more what control panel options will be available to you.  Understand that these options will go a long way towards making it easier to manage your dedicated server. In most cases, you can manage things reasonably well using stock control panels, but it still makes sense to ask about the availability of options like WHM and cPanel.  The Plesk control software may be a choice because of its numerous features for Linux and Windows servers.

Check Security Features
Another consideration at the time of selecting a dedicated host is the level of security they offer. Understand that your whole organization becomes vulnerable when IT business operations go offline. If you have to deal with data breach at any time, it can lead to a serious blow to your organization, as it leaves a dent into your reputation and even throws you out of business. Ask about the type of physical and location security available across the data centers. Also, look for other features, such as intrusion management, firewalls, better DDoS protection, and other application security features.

Finally, you should ensure that you get ample technical support from your host. Even though most businesses choose to give full control to their own IT team, it may be a good idea to pick a service provider who is willing to pitch in when something goes wrong.

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