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How to win on Instagram in 2020

by Staff writer
10 Feb 2020 at 10:12hrs | Views
Instagram is the central point for any and all social media. As the most popular platform per engagement, it has the most people actively all vying for each other's attention. And if you feel like you're getting lost in the mix too, then it might be time to reassess your strategy. That's why we're bringing you some of the hottest tips on how you can win on Instagram in 2020. Check them out below:

Equip Yourself With The Proper Tools

Even in 2020, people still try to apply guesswork to their strategy on Instagram, eventually falling short and ending up with flawed results. Instead, aligning yourself with the proper tools to not only study how your performance has been, but set yourself for success in every aspect of delivery you intend on hitting. Whether that means checking out an engagement service to buy IG likes that are organic or equipping yourself with design software to get better at infographics, the point is you're not only keeping up with the competition but surpassing them as well.

In looking at your base of tools, ask yourself what type of skill set you might be lacking at. No matter if that's design, photo-editing, or analytics, there's a piece of equipment that has been built for any and all types of experience ranges. A big reason that people have such a hard time with Instagram is that they only stick to what they're good at when in actuality, your audience wants to see any and everything you're good at. Do your research on some quality additions to your mix that can boost your Instagram engagement, highlighting where you can improve while playing up your strengths.

Get Competitive With Your Branding

For how many competitors you have on Instagram, having branding to match is only right. With Instagram, there's a tremendous amount of pressure to be the top dog out there, which often leaves people conducting a bunch of guesswork over what should be the next step for themselves to really shine. As this is can be a pretty arduous process that can ultimately lead to a bunch of dead ends, the very first step for anyone to be successful with their Instagram is to come at people with a top-tier brand.

From the logo in your avatar to the style of photos and iconography you use, people pay attention to every detail of your brand's delivery on Instagram. It's the type of platform where everyone's able to immerse themselves truly into what someone is about, which is an opportunity for you to showcase yourself. In 2020, Instagram is the type of platform where you need to be hitting your brand in every stride, from your messaging on out.

Focus On Your Central Message To Your Audience

Beyond visuals like your logo or photography and design aesthetic, the other big half of your brand is going to be the central message behind it. With your central message, the general goal is to have something that people can listen to and immediately know it's coming from your brand. While that doesn't necessarily mean limiting yourself and ‘be snarky and sassy all the time', it does mean taking a deep dive into what it means for the space your brand takes up, as well as why it matters.

Not every brand is going to go through the same motions. In a lot of ways, brands are like people, going through different changes and experiences that requires them to malleable and adaptable to every situation; for example, a brand like Corona can take itself lightly in their advertising, but also has the versatility to make a say in a drunk driving campaign. As an alcohol brand, if they went too hard into the ‘party' aspect, they could eventually end up getting burned when asking about their sensibility towards other consequences in their line of business. Instead, their company was prepared to take as many routes as where their brand lived, which is equally as true for any company, big or small, across the board.

Give Yourself Enough Breathing Room To Produce

According to ViralRace, a big problem with always trying to vy for people's attention on Instagram is that companies often try to slam a bunch of volume for the sake of trying to game the algorithm. Not only will this make your work suffer, but you'll additionally end up in a place where people are less likely to share and comment on your work, with the eventual result as them hitting that big white unfollow button. Instead, to be able to hit for attention every time, the most important quality is delivering top-tier content that people will genuinely enjoy gravitating towards.

One tool some of the best in the business use is a content calendar, which not only helps you plan out your content but also production schedule as well. This can be especially helpful if you're outsourcing anything like photography or design, as well as need to hire any specialty people for an event. The biggest consideration you should make when producing a content calendar is consistency, with having whatever is you're putting out be something that's worth the time put in. Remember, the goal of Instagram is always to ‘earn' media, which means producing things worth other people's time spending.

Reflect On Results

Finally, as Instagram is constantly changing week after week, it's important to reflect on your results, including pain points in how you can improve. From week-by-week to month-by-month to even quarter-by-quarter, learning how your performance has been going on a grandiose scale is imperative. And while the frequency should be a factor, the bigger thing you should consider is what it means for your business and how to improve.

In looking at how you can improve, first take a look at what metrics are most pivotal for conversion in your business. Is it likes? Follows? Clicking the link in your bio? While those all sound crucial, someone who works in media-based off of Instagram relies more on followers than someone who never followed them but immediately clicked the link in their bio to buy their product. Ultimately, knowing and sticking to a simple metric like this will help tremendously in understanding growth, as well as how to steadily improve and crush 2020.

What are some strategies you're using to win on Instagram in 2020? Comment with your insights below!
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