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5 poker innovations that just didn't turn out the way they should have

by Staff Writer
31 Oct 2019 at 16:28hrs | Views
Poker is without one of the classic casino table games that still draws a lot of attention. This is even true in the online realm. For the most part, online poker is played with the same rules and regulations that you would find with offline games. However, it is the online sector that has more lead way. And, they have more lead way because the software used to host these games gives the providers more room for innovation. While this might be true, it doesn't always work out the way that most providers think. Below, you will find some perfect examples of this very theory.

Duplicate Poker Combines Bridge And Texas Hold' Em

One of the things that players really like about poker is that it is somewhat skilled based. Yes, luck does factor in, but players do have some control over the way the game turns out. This is exactly what Duplicate Poker tried to improve on. They tried to take that skill factor and take it to a new level by combining the traditional rules of the game with some of the rules of bridge and Texas hold' em. This new version was introduced in the mid-2000s, but it certainly didn't come close to reaching its true potential.

PokerStars Introduces The Unfold

PokerStars is without a doubt one of the biggest online poker providers. And, they should be praised for some of the things that have done for the game. However, not everything they have done was gone. Unfold is the perfect example. This was a new concept that introduced the idea of giving the player the ability to unfold a mucked hand on the flop. If you folded, you always had the option of unfolding if better cards popped up on the table. Unfortunately, this change to the traditional rules just wasn't a hit with poker fans.

PokerStars With Showtime Poker

Anyone that has ever gambled with poker deposit pulsa knows that PokerStars has had some major successes over the years. You can also see that they have had some failures as well. While the unfold innovation was one failure, the Showtime Poker was probably a bigger failure. And, this had to do with the fact that it had so much hype behind it. This version of the game was designed to be somewhat similar to Texas hold' em. However, the twist was that the players could see all the cards that they wouldn't normally be able to. This did come over well with some poker fans, but it just didn't hit with most.

888 Casino's Webcam Poker

One of the biggest downsides of online gambling is that it doesn't offer the same feel and interaction that you would get with live games. Well, 888 Casino tried to change this with their webcam poker game. This innovation might not have been as big a failure as some of the other innovations on this list, but it certainly did not live up to its true potential. This version of the game allowed players to chat and see others via webcam while playing poker online.

Esports HoldemX

Esports has done some great things over the years, but HoldemX was not one of them. This was a version of Texas hold' em that gave the players the ability to select six different types of Xcards at the beginning of each round. These cards could then later be used to help build player's hands. Of course, players where budgeted 90 points and each Xcard represented a different value, so you had to make sure that you chose wisely.
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